Sunday, September 27, 2009

A collection of feather edge ~

Feather edge (also known simply as Leeds or shell-edge) was my first real antiques passion. I began collecting it about 25 years ago and it remains my largest collection. It was made in the Leeds area of England from approximately 1775 through the 1860's. Many of my better pieces were purchased from Lisa McAllister, long before the advent of the internet. She is the author of a book about feather edge. Blue is by far the most common color, followed by green and red. I believe it can also be found in yellow, black and brown. All my pieces are blue except for one piece in green.
There is a very informative article about feather edge in the August 2009 issue of Early American Life, though they refer to it as shell-edge and state that the term feather edge is a misnomer.
Below is the cupboard in my dining room.
A close-up of pepper pots and a highly decorated plate.
Clam shell bowl.
The lid of a tureen with a beautiful rose finial and hand painted "onions" encircling it.
Another tureen lid, also with a rose. I do not have the base to either of these pieces.
A small leaf dish.
One of my favorite plates.
I love the "onions" painted on this plate, the same design as on the tureen lid. I also have a set of matching platters with this design.
My corner cupboard in the living room housing more of my collection.
This large tureen (also with a rose finial) is by far my most valuable piece of feather edge. It is in mint condition.
Another plate...
...and a close-up of the detail.
A small reticulated platter.
Many of the pieces in my collection have cracks and chips, but if I was that old, I'd have cracks and chips, too. Heck, I'm not nearly that old and feel I am "cracked"!
Thank you for stopping by to view my collection!
Pug hugs :)


Linda said...
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Kathy (woolfind) said...

What a gorgeous collection! Loved looking at all the pieces..

Anonymous said...

Lauren, what a wonderful collection and how well you have it displayed. I have never heard of feather edge, looking at your blog is like being educated by an antiques expert. Thanks again for sharing.

woolwoman said...

I agree with Karin - love your blog it is so informative - I had never heard of feather edge either and your collection is lovely indeed. I'm behind on reading blogs but it sounds like you are having fun and finished your cat penny rug - YEAH for you! looks great! Mel

WoolenSails said...

That is a beautiful collection and some really unique pieces.


Alice ~ Folk Art Primitives said...

Hi Lauren ~ I read that article and had never heard of it before ~ your collection is beautiful!! You have great collections, my dear!!!

Rugs and Pugs said...

Thanks Ladies ~
~ for all your kind words. It is one of my favorite collections. I bet next time you visit a higher quality antique show, you will spot a few pieces, now that you know what it is.
Thanks for dropping in,
Pug hugs :)