Saturday, November 27, 2021

Gotcha ~

Two years ago today Molly officially became a member of my family.  What a difference two years can make.  When I adopted her, she and Ernestine (DSO's pug) got along.

Now they cannot be in the same room together unleashed.  Ernestine was originally the aggressor, but now Molly is just as bad now if not worse 😢

Some Molly facts ~

~ She not only doesn't get along with Ernestine, but she hates all other dogs!  I have heard a dog with that attitude referred to as an "only".  I call her my pit pug, but that is insulting to pits 😞

~ She recently finished an antibiotic for an ear infection and two antibiotics for UTIs.  Did you know that a urine culture for a dog costs $120 and we have had three done?  Cha ching $$.  Any non-animal persons reading this just won't understand.

~ She has pug myelopathy, a neurological condition which affects the use of the back legs and a few other things we won't discuss . . . lol.  For quite some time she has been losing her balance on smooth surfaces such as linoleum, but it is now happening on carpet and the lawn.  Thankfully it causes no pain.  You can read more about it here.

She has also recently been diagnosed with a mast cell tumor, a form of skin cancer common in pugs, on her back.  Ironically, Ernestine just had surgery for the same thing about a month ago so I say she caught it from Ernestine 😁  She will be having surgery to remove it on December 13th and while under anesthesia, will also have a dental.  Once again, cha ching $$.

Molly is going to be my million dollar baby, but I love her to pieces and will care for her in the best way I possibly can.


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Pug hugs 😊


Ginny said...

Lauren, I can relate. We adopted a Boston Terrier end of July. She was a puppy mill mother and is also our million dollar baby. Sweet as can be, but has medical issues I never heard of. The Vet loves it when we come in the door! But we are committed to give her a good home.

acorn hollow said...

Oh yes I can relate. we have put retirement money into pets in the past I really think that is the only thing holding both of us back from adopting again. We adopted a lakeland terrier he had all kinds of paperwork but he fought with every dog he came across but was the sweetest thing in the world to his family. So he was no good to the woman who had ideas of showing him.
Lucky Molly getting you!

Saundra said...

Yes I can relate as well with all the dogs we had. Ben had a mast cell spot on his belly removed and it was BENIGN. But still expensive for the surgery and follow-up visits. Yet we love them and spend the money to keep them healthy.

Julia said...

It is strange behavior and maybe she is in some kind of pain. Love is unconditional and we love and care for our animals. I've cared for cats and dogs who adopted us, and so many calves who needed constant care at birth. One of them was a little bull named Raspy. I spent so many hours trying to keep him alive when all odds were stacked against him. I couldn't let him go. Then finally, weeks later he came through at the amazement of the vet and everybody. I was so attached to him.

Your Million dollar pug is very lucky to have you. I remember the newborn kitten I found on the cold barn floor one morning with the placenta still attached and how hard I tried to save it. The vet charged me a lot of money for the checkup but they didn't do anything to try to save her. Her name was Victoria. At least, she didn't die alone and unloved.

Hugs, Julia

TheCrankyCrow said...

Well, GF, you KNOW I can relate. I would never want to total up what we have spent on Snowdog...but I'd spend that and then some if I could make him better now. :-( Happy Gotcha Day to both you and Molly...She's one lucky pitpug. ~Robin~

marly said...

Is it unusual for a social dog to turn into .... well, you know. Is she possessive about you? Like some gals that believe every other in the vicinity is a threat? We felt your pain regarding vet $$$$ but my friend could have bought a house and more to come. My brother has to get Peanut's urine cultured often, no where near that cost.

Jennie in GA said...

Lucky girl to have found you♥️

NMK said...

Oh our fur babies ....we Love them to pieces & will do everything to keep them happy & healthy !!! Hope you had a Wonderful Thanksgiving !

Olde Dame Holly said...

I guess I shouldn't be surprised that Molly and Ernestine put the PUG in PUGnacious! I am sorry she has that condition and a mast cell tumor. Poor girl! But you are getting her fixed up and her little teef will be all clean, too.

Prims By The Water said...

I know how you feel Lauren. We spent thousands of dollars on Tundra last year trying to find out why he was having seizures.,, then they just went away. Also spent thousands of dollars on our one kitty and now spend more money on prescription cat food. But us pet owners will do anything it takes to keep our babies healthy. At least most of us will. Others just throw them away. Good luck with Molly! I know she has the best mommy ever! Janice

WoolenSails said...

You are wonderful to do so much for her and give her a loving home. Vet bills do add up.
I have one diabetic cat and the other I never take and they stay indoors. She had shots when young but without shots or care she is healthy as a horse, I think that strays tend to do better without meds.