Thursday, May 13, 2021

Quack, Eat, Poop ~ Repeat

I have duck duty this week. My son and his girlfriend are in Florida, so the grandducks are my responsibility for ten days.  Thankfully they live just ten minutes from me so going there morning and evening isn't too bad.  (I wonder if they will be home this weekend as planned.  They are not sure if they will be able to get gas.  Hopefully by then things will begin to return to normal.)

I have three grandducks, 'Lil Bit, Sadie and Phillipe.  Sadly duck #4 Scrooge was attacked by a hawk a few weeks ago, taken to the avian vet but had to be euthanized.  I must say, ducks are messy creatures 😒

First thing when they are let out in the morning, they head for a swim.

They do love tomatoes.  They devour them in seconds.  

This morning I had no tomatoes for them, just some lettuce.  They stood there, looking at me and I swear I could hear them quacking, "WTH, grandma.  Where are the tomatoes?".

I even get to play farmer Lauren and gather eggs.  I grew up on a small farm, and don't ever remember gathering the eggs.  I guess one is never too old . . . lol!

Thanks so much for stopping by.
Pug hugs and quacks 😊


TheCrankyCrow said...

Grand ducks....seriously?! What possessed them to want ducks?? Or is it not so much a "pet" thing as an "egg" thing?? Like having chickens?? If the latter, it will be the third time this week I have heard of people eating duck eggs. It must be a new "thing"?? I grew up on a farm and remember well collecting the eggs. It was one chore I was successful at (don't ask LOL) and I really enjoyed going to the coop and hearing the hens' soft coos and clucks and the warmth of putting your hand under them. We also had geese and turkey-ducks, but never ate their eggs....just the chickens'. Every now and then I toy with the idea of getting a few chickens here, but then think about having to go out in the snow to take care of them and decide nah. So I just go down the road and get my farm fresh eggs from a neighbor. I also peeked at your current hooking project. I like it! Yes, different colors for you but they work beautifully together and I still think are primitive. ~et~

Saundra said...

Don't know if this is true or not....BUT....once I read that men like duck eggs because it is supposed to be an aphrodisiac? Or I want to join Robin to ask 'what the hell possessed them to want ducks?

Prims By The Water said...

Gramma Duck is the name of a lady we know here. Too funny you are calling yourself that. We had ducks on the farm. My daily chore was collecting the eggs from them and the chickens. I dont think ducks are even allowed here where I live. An unusual choice for a pet. Janice

Farm Girl said...

My grandkids are crazy about ducks! I think those are pretty ducks though and I did not know they liked tomatoes. I do hope they get home from Florida. I need to get caught up with your posts. I need to see what you have been doing since I have been AWOL.
It feels like I work 40 hours a week. :)
Lovely pictures.

Julia said...

Awe, I bet you look some cute taking care of those grand-ducks. I can imagine you talking to them and calling them by name. So sorry about the demise of poor Scrouge. Maybe the hawk didn't like his name. Collecting eggs sounds rewarding. I hope that they are easier to take care of, than foster pugs.

Take care, I enjoyed the new twist in your busy life.

Olde Dame Holly said...

Oh my, gathering the eggs! Duck eggs! That sounds so fun. It would be grand indeed to have grand-ducks! I just have grand-cats.

WoolenSails said...

Sounds like fun but I also know how much work pets can be, any type.
I have never done eggs myself, I am the one who wants them white and clean, lol.


Jacqueline said...


Angela Tucker said...

My inner child is giggling this had me at poop! LOL I'm another that likes fresh eggs, but not the care that goes with them. Our neighbor has the Taj Mahal of coops and loves to share. I just send over a 50 pound bag of feed every other month for eggs delivered to our shared fence. I am very lucky to have awesome least on one side. LOL

Jennie in GA said...

Strange choice for pets. Do they stay in the house??? I mean, they are cute, but are they housebroken???? I have chickens, but they have their own house. Hope it went well.