Monday, June 10, 2019

Mindless Hooking ~

Good Monday, dear friends.  I hope today finds you all well.  It is another rainy one here in northern Ohio.  Everything is so lush and green, but I'm sure the poor farmers are in a world of hurt.  Then come August, we will be praying for precipitation.  

I needed something mindless to hook, and this little hit 'n miss fits the bill perfectly.  Granted, I do think about each worm I choose, but once it is chosen, the row hooks quickly.  The finished size will be about 13" x 22".   

I have seven totes of sorted worms and this mess which needs separating.  I'm sure this little mat will not make a dent in the worm farm.

I've been wanting one of these double wash tubs for ages, and finally found this one.  Not exactly what I was looking for finish-wise, but for the price thought it best come home with me.  I don't plan on planting it this year, but it will make the perfect beverage container for DSO's annual 4th of July party . . . which will be here all too soon.

Ernestine is so funny.  She goes crazy whenever an animal is on TV.  Last week we watched the movie Patrick.  It is a cute, kind of cheesy movie that stars a pug.  After the initial barking and craziness of seeing the dog, she then sat and stared intently at the screen.  Too funny.

She is not a motorcycle dog, but was content to sit on it :)

Thanks so much for stopping by.
Pug hugs :)


Julia said...

Your DSO sure can put a lot of beer on ice in that tub. You're right, July will come fast and furious. The calendar pages seem to turn way to fast lately. Ernestine is just too cute. Of course, she loves pug movies.

That a Hit and Miss is a nice easy project to use up some of your leftover worms. You have quite a mountain of them.
Take care and enjoy the rain.
Hugs, Julia

acorn hollow said...

we had one of those and used it for parties for years and then gave it up.
It works great, but really goes through the ice.
love the mat you are working on. So funny about your sweet dog.

Prims By The Water said...

Our one cat will watch tv with us at cute to watch. Ernestine is adorable on that bike. Hit and miss looking good! Janice

marly said...

How cute! Our dogs never watched the screen, the cats can't figure it out.

Now sure I would be able to handle sorting and storing worms. Have enough trouble with little floss skeins.

WoolenSails said...

I love doing hit and miss, but never collect worms, I cut as I go.
I saw that movie listed, will have to watch it.
Love your motorcycle, that looks comfy to sit on.


Saundra said...

That double tub will be perfect for all its scheduled venues. I use worms a LOT but as you know, they just never seem to appear reduced in quantity. Funny about Ernestine watching the movies with dogs.

Leonora said...

Thank you for the 'worm' inspiration! I gave five gallon bag fulls of worms to a new hooker who had no cutter and I STILL have a ton of worms : )

Margaret said...

Ernestine is so adorable! I hope she enjoyed the movie. So cute! I do think one reason why rug hooking freaks me out and I never try it is that it involves more freedom of choice than something like stitching or knitting. You have to choose exactly how you place your loops, etc. I think your current project is more my speed. lol! It looks so pretty!

Jennie in GA said...

Loving your washtub. It will look great planted with flowers....or with beer, lol. Ernestine is a hoot. Our dogs only pay attention to the doorbells on tv. Worms, the great conundrum. I am sometimes tempted to donate mine, but can’t quite make myself relinquish them....yet.

TheCrankyCrow said...

I am never, ever, going to tell you why I don’t have any worms. Cathy knows, but has been sworn to utmost secrecy LOL. Speaking of Cathy, she has an amazing (LARGE) runner done all in worms. She calls it a Navajo design - which it could be with different color choices I suppose, but I just liked the scrappiness of her color choices. It was so tempting thinking of just hooking straight lines....then I remembered I don’t do straight lines very well...and choosing the colors to look right would give me fits. I am having my own issues with the “mindless” hooking project I started. Love, love, love the double wash tub!!! I have a single, and always wanted a double.... But then DH brought me an old water trough (basically the same size as your double wash tub, but not divided). Last year it was planted and so gorgeous....this year, I haven’t even thought about planting it. Too dang wet. Sweet Ernestine....she should be a model LOL. Snow Dog was mesmerized by the movie “Eight Below” (an old Disney show with Siberians) and he was glued to the screen. I should pull it out for him again. Now days, he’s content to watch westerns. (Something about the horses he loves). Yes, running behind on my blogging.... Best shorten up my comments or I will never catch up. Happy Sunday! ~Robin~