Monday, September 10, 2018

Woolkeepers Hook In ~

Thank you all for your kind comments on my last post.  I, too, can't believe I have been retired for two years.  I still don't have my blog set up where I receive emails so I can respond to you personally.  It's on the very long list of things to do.  Julie wanted a tutorial on how I put the little mat on the picnic basket.  I will show pictures.  Really not much explanation needed.  I normally don't use rug tape, but thought maybe it would be better for attaching the elastic.  I made an X with the 1" black elastic.
Then tacked it in each corner.  Easy peasy.

Put Woolkeepers hook in on your bucket list of hook ins to attend if possible.  There were so many wonderful vendors selling much more than hooking related items.  Of course I neglected to take many pictures.

Betty (aka the dress form) anchored our booth.  We were rather amazed that we did not get one comment about her in the 2 days. 
Our booth ~

My things

Melissa's amazing creations
This rug was displayed in the booth of Elinor Barrett.  One of the most stunning rugs ever.
A few pictures from the rug show.

Isn't this the best necklace ever?  Frozen Charlottes and bisque head dolls.  She said it was quite heavy but I just LOVE it.
I could have spent all my profits and more, but I restrained myself.  Just a few drab wools and a necklace all from Jan Adams.  Oh, and a Maggie B applique pattern that I did not take a picture of.
These fun little tins are Christmas gifts ~ though I may end up keeping one.  They are Altoid tins covered with polymer clay, I think.  They were so creative.  A very unique gift.

Even though 5+ hours from home, I knew quite a few attendees.  Hookers are a rather close knit group and we travel to many of the same hook ins.  It was so nice to speak with hookers I see maybe once a year and I had quite a few people introduce themselves as Facebook friends or blog readers.  Thanks to all my blog readers who had such kind things to say about my blog.  It is why I continue to do it.

Next on the agenda is a small hook in on Saturday on the shores of Lake Erie.  So far the weather looks near perfect to sit outside listening to the sounds of the lake while hooking.  I have been once again asked to set up my wares, but I don't have to sit at my booth all day.

Thanks so much for stopping by.
Pug hugs :)


NMK said...

Your booth looks wonderful !!! Your old dress form is a beauty !!! Just amazing rugs !!!! Hope you have nice weather this weekend ...looks pretty nasty for a lot of folks in the path of the hurricane , hope it won't be as bad as they think .

Jacqueline said...

Beautiful booth set up. Thanks for sharing the rug pictures. Glad you had a good time and found some treasures for yourself.

The Eveningstitcher said...

I love, love your picnic basket!! What a cool idea! Your booth is beautiful and I love Betty!! But I love those old dress form...i would have commented on her! Those rugs are gorgeous!! I'm hoping I can go next year to looks like a great show!!

Julie - My Primitive Heart said...

Hi Lauren,
Thanks so much for the tutorial!!! It always helps to see pictures!!!
Your booth was so lovely and I hope you had great sales!! That always helps when you put so much work in to creating AND setting up as well as travelling!!!
The eagle rug is AMAZING!!! Betty looks so good with your jewelry, too!!! I also have an old dress form that I keep my jewelry on!!
Hope you have a wonderful time at your next Hook In!!
Enjoy your week, Lauren!!
Heart Hugs~
Julie xo

WoolenSails said...

Love the idea of putting hooked pieces on baskets.
Wonderful rugs and fun items to take home.


denise said...

Really cool stuff. Love the Altoid tins.

Three Sheep Studio said...

What a beautiful post !
So many great things to see. Those altoid tins are amazing - people are so clever.
Your booth is great !
Hope you have nice weather this weekend.

Farm Girl said...

I love your booth. I have a an altoid box I have been staring at for a month. I would love to make something like those you bought. Those are so cool.
I love how you did that rug too.
That looks like a wonderful hook in.
I feel like at every level I am in a slump. I hope it passes soon. About the only thing I can say is my walking is still good. :)
Have a lovely week.

Jennie in GA said...

The Hook In looks great, as does your booth with Miss Betty welcoming your guests. Wish we had such great vendors!!
Adore those tins. Think that I would have to keep one for myself.

Margaret said...

It all looks wonderful! Love seeing the rugs, and your booth too. Your purchases are wonderful too!

acorn hollow said...

I missed the tins wonderful!

pj said...

Love your booth! Looks like a fun show! Is that a little coverlet pouch on the table! I would have had to have it. I see so many fun things. Hope you sold them all!

Haven’t talked with you for some time. Still check your blog now and then and glad you are keeping busy.