Monday, January 3, 2011


Her name is Hopscotch. For any new readers (thank you!) she came as my 6 month old foster baby through Ohio Pug Rescue on December 23. She is most probably a Chug (chihuahua/pug mix). The first few days, she was the most quiet, calm little darling. My what a difference a week can make!
My DSO says she looks like the grill of a '48 Buick!
The look of innocence, right?
Yesterday, she decided to bolt from the car when I stopped to check on the house where my Mom had lived. Luckily, it is a quiet neighborhood and traffic was exceptionally light. I'd call her and she'd get about two feet from me and start to run again. Then she decided to chase a rabbit. Let me tell you, she is FAST! So it's about 25 degrees out, my gloves are in the car, and I am wearing clogs, chasing a lightening fast she-devil! Have you ever tried to run in clogs? Take if from me, it's not easy. After a good 20 minutes, I was about ready to give up and let her freeze, but I didn't think the folks at Ohio Pug Rescue would think too kindly about that! About two blocks from the house, she decided to run back towards the house. I opened the car door, and she goes flying in to the car she escaped from. Needless to say, I was a somewhat frozen, very unhappy camper!
On the bright side, we may have an applicant who is interested in adopting her. Dare I tell them she is the devil in disguise?I am in the midst of un-decorating. Or is it de-decorating? I am just thankful it comes down much quicker than it goes up. I find it rather depressing. I can't believe another Christmas season has come and gone. The house looks so bare until I get everything back in its place.
Thank you so much for stopping by. I really must get busy and get one more tree done tonight.
Pug hugs :)


  1. I am also undecorating. I had to stop to wipe the sweat from my brow(just a flash ha) so I thought I would look in on you. Well the little devil showed her true self did she????
    I do think she is cute in a only a mother could love sorta way. I hope she gets a forever home.

  2. Aw, she has such a sweet face. Who would ever know that behind that sweet face lurks the mind of a she-devil! LOL I can just envision what you went through as I'm the proud owner of a 6 month old too. So frustrating, but so sweet at the same time. All you can do is hold your breath and pray that they don't run out and get hit by a car!

    I got all the decorating down today too. You're so right, it comes down a lot quicker than it comes up.

  3. Who would have guessed that little face was hiding a sprinting devil. LOL Millie was about the same age when she escaped from the cottage when the neighbor came in. You should have seen the two of us trying to get the little lightening fast bugger back in the house.
    I hope the adoption is a success. (Zip your lips)

  4. I agree ~ zip your lips!! What the new mama doesn't know won't hurt her! I must say ~ she is a very unique looking doggie!! Once again ~ you're good!! There's a crown in heaven waiting for you, dear Lauren!

  5. Such a sweet looking little one. Who would ever know she is a little devil...of course, most of them are at that age. Wish I could own her.....

  6. Oh Gosh Lauren, I think I just peed my pants!
    I say Mums the word......
    They'll figure it out soon enough!
    Would'nt want to chance it, you still have a lot of winter left dear!

  7. Oh Lauren,
    That keeps us young.....chasing after the young-uns! Unless of course we break our necks in the process. I'd opt for a pair of running shoes too! Glad you were able to get her back into the car. She knows where home is for the time being!
    She is a darling though!
    Cathy G

  8. Lauren, she is so ugly that she is adorable! Such a little stinker, reminds me of Eloise. When she gets out she is gone - fast as lightening - but what would we do without them????? Take care and wear running shoes in the future.

  9. hahaha funny story, I had a Foster Beagle do that he was good and one day bolted up the road.

  10. LOLOLOL-- you've been spoiled by mellow older pugs!!!

    We have a cat that likes to take off to the neighbors when she gets out-- or makes me chase her around and around the house!!

  11. It sounds like she gave you quite an adventure! I'm glad she came back... bet she was cold by that point too. :)

  12. LOL! i'm picturing you chasing after her...Gus does this to me all the time; when i call him he looks at me and then runs the opposite way...

  13. Oh I hope this little devil finds a forever home... she is adorable. Your story of her great escape put a smile on my face. Thank you
    Happy New Year

  14. Hopschotch is pretty crafty and maybe should be called Houdini after the escape artist but then she looks a bit on the batty side. Maybe Hopschotch can fly like a bat but hasn't tried it yet. In any case you did get your exercise and all's well that ends well. Dress warm and bring a lunch for the next adventure. On the serious side, she's adorable with her overbite and very unique and will make someone a good companion. I don't think that any one will steal her though. You are a good person and earning your heavenly reward. JB

  15. OMG!!! Funny, then not funny. I remembered when we first brought knuckles home, he would get out the door and could be blocks away before anyone can react... Don't say a word, once she settles in, hopefully she will be a better little stinker! LOL
    Ok, the de-decorating, exhausting! OLM

  16. Oh Lauren..that is a hoot!(: Still laughing..
    "the grill of a '48 buick" funny! I imagine that she went back to the car because she was freezing! I def. would keep the "angel"
    side of her personality in the forefront for any potential "adoptees"..(:

  17. I also agree that you best "let sleeping dogs lie" so to speak about the running off issue - most dogs can bolt even if they are not prone to do so - my christmas is still up - I just hate the coming down but the huge 10' live tree and garlands at the office came down today - AHHHH - I will miss that smell for 11 more months. Mel

  18. That Hopscotch is something else! Our Lonnie used to be a "bolter" and we still have to watch him if the weather has been bad and he hasn't gotten his walk in. Funny how fast pugs and bassets can be when they get the urge....noone ever really believes that until they see one in action. We are de-Christmased as well....the house feels really bare now!

  19. Oh Lauren we had a "bolter" once that black lab pound puppy had 9 lives...........ohhhh every chance he got he could get loose and dart away, Oh I wanted to strangle him more than once. Luckily the kids were still here then. Once he even ran into a policeman's house he had his door open for some reason, OMG I am glad my littlest was retriving him, I would have been so embarrased. Thanks goodness he had a sense of humor. Usually the only way we could get him was on bike with the kids or in the car with a box of treats. You are an angel to help them.

  20. she came as my 6 month old foster baby through Ohio Pug Rescue on ...


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