Saturday, January 22, 2011

Doing a Little Happy Dance ~

Hopscotch went to her forever home last evening, and I'm sure our Loocie is doing a little happy dance! Hopscotch (aka she-devil, goofy & who-ha) is all puppy and wanted a playmate. Loocie, even as a puppy was not that active and now at 5 1/2 wanted nothing to do with Hopscotch.
Here's Loocie hiding under the coffee table...
...and under the dining room chair. She really doesn't understand the concept of hiding!
{{I've posted this picture just 'cuz Loocie is so darned cute :) }}
Hopscotch found her hiding place...
...and again found her. I swear, in this picture Hopscotch has an evil look on her face. Hopscotch just couldn't leave Loocie alone!
Here's Hopscotch playing with daddy one last time before her adoption.
Hopscotch at her forever home ~ making herself right at home.
Her new mom is Heidi and even her new two-legged sister Heather stopped by to welcome her to the family. That's Hopscotch in her mom's arms and her new pug brother Elwood (black) and sister Rhoda (fawn) are being held by Heather. Both Elwood and Rhoda are around two years of age so still very much the puppy. The three of them had a grand time playing. She also has a fenced yard to run in. That will make her very happy!!!
I'll get on my soapbox one more time and remind you that if you are considering a pet, please consider adoption. Please DO NOT purchase a pet from a pet store. These animals come from puppy mills, and puppy mills are not nice places!!!
In yesterday's mail, I got the most delightful package. These items were sent to me by Dolly, the wonderful lady who adopted my Eema (a former puppy mill momma!!!). How sweet of her. Dolly, I know you read my blog ~ THANK YOU! She even sent Loocie a gourmet treat in the shape of a palm tree. They are wintering in Florida. Lucky them. I hope they will send a little warmth north.
I hope everyone is staying warm. It is a balmy 16 degrees out as I type this. I know, I know. I live in Ohio and should expect this. It doesn't mean I have to like it.
Thanks so much for stopping by and please come again!
Pug hugs :)


  1. Great news for Hopscotch. Those pics of Loocie are just too funny. Do you think it's possible Loocie and Millie are secretly twins?? She does the same thing.

  2. YAY for Hopscotch AND Loocie!!! Sounds like a win/win for all involved!! And now....on to your next foster!

  3. Happy, happy Hopscotcg! So glad for her. I know Loocie must be happy for her too!! Have you already gotten your next rescue? Lauren you have the biggest heart of anyone I know. Keep up the good work.

  4. I'm so happy for HOpscotch and thrilled for Loocie now that she can breath a sign of relaxation again! LOL Too cute! And yes, I would adopt thru a shelter don't you worry! All my kitties came from the SPCA except Miles (who was given to me as a gift from a guy I worked with that breed abysinnians) and Riley (sorry feel in love with him on the internet and had to have him and so happy I did - can't image my life without his antics and love!)

  5. Here's to hopscotch to being very happy in her new home and to Loocie getting some much needed rest! OLM

  6. That's Great News! I'm with you when it comes to adoption of an animal. So many need happy forever homes..

    Stay warm..Blessings Tonya

  7. so glad hopscotch has someone to play with. she does look evil in that picture. Great gifts also. we are at 8f right now and we are suppose to go down all day not up. So I am staying in and hooking and a little house work(very little)
    Stay warm

  8. Such cute pics of all your pugs (near & far)!!! The one with Loocie "hiding" under the chair with Hopscotch sneaking up behind her is a hoot! Thanks for the smiles this morning!

  9. Isn't this "balmy" weather something? I hear that it's going to be all of 24 here in a day or two!

    Love all the pictures and so happy that Hopscotch in now in her forever home.

  10. Glad to hear the little monster found a forever home and Loocie can relax now or I guess only till a new foster comes a calling. You are a dear sweet soul to volunteer your home and time to this worthy cause. Have a great week Melody

  11. Lauren im so glad you stopped by my blog! The outfits were absolutely adorable that you sent, I can't wait until Brynlee can wear them this summer. Thank you for such a wonderful gift!


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