Saturday, September 12, 2009

Flowers in the garden ~

Just a few pictures I took in the garden the other afternoon. Can anyone tell me what this flower is? For the last several years, I've had this vine grow in a little back garden and it reseeds itself every year. I have never seen it flower before. It is very unusual ~ unlike anything I've grown before.

My cannas are doing well. It is the only tuber (?) I've ever dug up in the fall and replanted the following year. I've had pretty good luck with it.
My hibiscus (what's the plural of hibiscus ~ hibisci?) were very late to break dormancy this year. In fact, I thought they had frozen out over the winter. I am so glad I did not dig them out. Two finally started growing and flowered, the third is still only about a foot tall.
Not a great picture, but morning glories are one of my favorites. I have had the worst of luck trying to grow them in recent years. I'll plant dozens of seeds and I'll be lucky if one grows to flower. This year I didn't plant any and this is one that reseeded itself.
I've been moving plants around in the garden and need to get a few mums for some fall color. I love pumpkins and gourds on the porch, but the squirrels destroy them long before Halloween. Any suggestions?

Thank you so much for stopping by.
Pug hugs :)


moosecraft said...

That beautiful flower is called a "Passion Flower"! It is very prolific and might soon be popping up throughout your lawn too! LOL! Your cannas and hibiscus are gorgeous!!! Flowers are one of the best things about summer! Very beautiful indeed!!! With the morning glories... scarifying the seeds and soaking will help them to sprout. Just take a paring knife and scratch them, then wrap in a wet folded paper towel for about 24 hrs... then plant in your garden and keep watered until they sprout. Sorry, can't help with the squirrels though... they are persistent!!! My brother has to replace the hose on his gas grill every month or so because the squirrels chew through it and let the propane escape! UGH! Nasty little buggers! LOL! Have a happy Autumn! Looking forward to pics of Mums! :-) ~Sharon

woolwoman said...

Squirrel antics - they can be quite destructive - so far we've not had any bad things happen around my house but every so often - they tear holes in my folks screen porch and run around like crazy things until they shoo them out.

Your flowers are awesome Lauren - that passion flower is exquisite - love morning glories but they don't grow well this far south but we can usually keep hibiscus year round - however I lost all of my tropicals last year when we had several days of 20 degree weather. I was on vacation so I missed posting on a lot of your other entries - love all the photos you put up - it's great to see what others are doing esp if you can't visit these places yourself. Keep it up and your penny rug is darling along with the other projects you showed recently - How is black marvin doing? and Frannie - is she doing well? take care Mel

Alice ~ Folk Art Primitives said...

The passion flower is gorgeous ~ I've never seen one!!! And our hibiscus just started blooming this week ~ I, too, thought something was the matter with it!!
Good to see you today ~ I'm whipped!! Going to my son's for wings though!!! Ta Ta ~ Happy hooking!!!!

Linda said...

Love the passion flower, Lauren! I had heard the name, but had never seen one. It is quite beautiful.

Rugs and Pugs said...

Sharon ~ How funny. About 5 years ago I bought some passion flower seeds on ebay and not one least not that year. I had given some seeds to a co-worker and she said she had them sprouting everywhere, just like you said. I have had a couple pop up in the yard, too. As for the morning glories ~ I can get them to sprout, but after they've grown a few inches, the squirrels or perhaps rabbits must get them. Oh, well...maybe I'll have better luck next year.
Mel ~ A number of years ago my DSO found a suirrel in my house! It must have fallen down the chimney. Luckily he opened the front door and it ran out.
Last I heard, Frannie was doing great. I really need to email her new mom to be sure. Marvin...well, we are having some "issues"! Thank you for all your kind words.
Alice ~ Will you bottle some of your energy and send it "up north"? Your booth was gorgeous and such luscious colors of wool. I'm sorry I didn't think to take a picture of it for the blog :(
Linda ~ Thanks for stoppping by and leaving a comment.