Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Bed and Breakfast

On our recent get-away, we stayed at three different Bed & Breakfasts. Two were underwhelming (but did serve a yummy breakfast). The third was fantastic! The Houstonia (house-tonia) in South Charleston, Ohio had the most gorgeous woodwork I have ever seen. If you are ever in the Dayton, Xenia, Springfield Ohio area and are looking for a place to stay, I highly recommend the Houstonia.
The exterior, with its modern siding, belied what was to be found inside.

The front door windows looking out from within.
The foyer and staircase were breathtaking!

This is the detail in the panelling. It is embossed leather.

The dining room.
The door leads to a butler's pantry.
A built in china cupboard can be seen to the left.
In the dining room, one of seven fireplaces in the house. Six are gas and one is wood burning.
Fireplace detail.
The Houstonia got its name from the original owner of the house. He was a what I would call a "snake oil" salesman, selling liniments and ointments.

The breakfast was out of this world. We had a fruit and yogurt parfait....
...and what was called a puff pancake with fresh fruit. It tasted like custard. Yum. Yum.
I hope you enjoyed your tour of the Housetonia and I haven't bored you with too many pictures.
Thanks to my Sweetie for taking all but two of these pictures.
Thank you for stopping by.
Pug hugs :)
P.S. I hear Frannie is doing great in her new forever home. New mom loves her bunches and she is being spoiled like all pugs should be.
Marvin and I are getting along great. He does have a yeast infection in the ears and a bacterial infection of the skin and has started treatment for both.


Alice ~ Folk Art Primitives said...

Wow! That was a happy find ~ such a gorgeous home!! Your sweetie takes good pictures!! And I love your word "underwhelming"! Sounds like you had a good time ~ also that food looks scrumptious!!

woolwoman said...

I love B&B's and I have two good friends in the B&B business - one is a hooker/stitcher and needlework shop owner - she has the Azalea House in Palatka Fl and her parents have been in the B&B business for years - they have one for sale in Camden SC and are now operating a lovely antebellum B&B in Eufaula AL - This Houstonia looks awesome - gorgeous woodwork - they don't make houses like that any more - I work in a historic home in a designated historic area - it was built by a lumber baron so it has gorgeous woods too. I should show some photos some day of it - Glad to hear little frannie is doing so well - she is a special girl - hope Marv's skin problems clear up soon. Mel

Rugs and Pugs said...

Thanks, Alice and Mel ~
Yes, the woodwork in the house was gorgeous.
Alice ~ Glad you liked my word. It's one of those words that sums things up perfectly.
Mel ~ I'd love to see some pics of the home where you work!
Pug hugs :)

Linda said...

Lauren ~ Beautiful home - WOW! The food looked delicious, and it sounds as if you had a great time. Just seeing all the sights at the B&B would have been a great get-a-way!