Friday, February 26, 2021

Robin's Got my Number ~

In my last post I mentioned that Peter Rabbit was taking entirely too long to hook.  Robin (my evil twin) quickly came up with the answer.  Letters.  Those darn letters.  Not many.  Primitive letters.  I have an aversion to letters and will always do them last.  Looks like I will be needing to hook letters soon . . . sigh.

My challenge piece is close to being done . . . but not close enough.  I.AM.NOT.HAPPY with it.  It is what it is and I WILL finish it this weekend.  Like I said, it has been a real challenge for me.  There will most likely be an update this evening on Saundra's blog so you can check it out.  There are some really fun rugs being hooked in the challenge!

I was not up to see it this morning, but DSO said the moon was absolutely incredible and I snagged this photo from Facebook.  The building is the Lorain Lighthouse, known as the Jewel of the Port.

Thanks so much for stopping by.
Pug hugs 😊


Saundra said...

No law that is written where you must hook the letters. You could draw a couple Easter eggs to fill in the spot instead. That is unless you just can't handle a challenge, har har har.

acorn hollow said...

Wow that moon is amazing I watched it rising tonight on my walk and it is pretty tonight too.
I am glad to be done also I did not love hooking with those fabrics.
Love your little rug.

Julia said...

Wow, that photo of the lighthouse and the moon is awesome. A trick I learned from a knowledgeable rug hooker and she hooked the letters and then the background and then she would rip up the letters and rehook them so they stood out better. It worked like a charm for me. I don't know if it will help you.

I guess hooking with rags doesn't even come close to hooking with wool.
Take care.
Hugs, Julia

Olde Dame Holly said...

What an incredible moon. Somehow, when I take pictures of the moon, it looks like a fuzzy dot. I bet that tulip you are hooking will transform like the Ugly Duckling once it is finished!

marly said...

Incredible moon. wow.

moosecraft said...

Love that pic of the moon!
A suggestion for the mat.... instead fo words.... freehand draw a small carrot? Orange and blue go together nicely.... and eventually the rabbit is going to get!

NMK said...

Love your Bunny the idea of a carrot instead ! The Moon looks amazing ! I bet your Tulip looks great !!!

Jennie in GA said...

What an incredible photo!! Beautiful. Won’t take you long to hook those fiddly letters.

TheCrankyCrow said...

Did I name??? LOL... Yeah, I know ya well cuz the same blood runs through our veins. And because of that, I also know that you WILL hook those letters....while you perfect the art of procrastination. that really a PHOTO of the moon/llighthouse??? It is incredible if it is!! (Incredible if it isn't either, but in a different way). The moon has been incredible here too, but in true "Snow Moon" fashin, it snowed like crazy last night and today. Made trips outdoors for a photo op a bit treacherous. I am at the lake and I finally "plugged in" so am certain to have a great deal of catching up to do. And, gee...already pan on heading hoe tomorrow so catch-up may be unattainable. ~et~

Donna said...

Those colors you chose for bunny is one of my favorites. Looking forward to seeing your challenge rug.