Sunday, February 14, 2021

Three Little Finishes ~

Happiest of Valentine's Day to you 💖  I hope there is something/someone in your life to make it special.

I have three small finishes.  Two will go to the finished but not really finished pile.  Punching is complete on Coxcomb & Tulip.  The pattern by Notforgotten Farm can be found here.  I may tone it down a little with some coffee or walnut crystals.

The cross stitching is finished on another little Valentine freebie.  Even on 28 count linen it measures a mere 2 3/4" x 5".  I think I need to stitch this again . . . in red . . . on a smaller count linen.

Here are all my Valentine stitcheries that someday (hopefully) will become little pinkeeps.

I am most pleased with the colors chosen for Wonky Love Heart.  Here is my original finish.

When friend Heidi saw the bottom partially completed, she suggested maybe I needed to frame LOVE in black.  She was so right.  Thanks for the suggestion, Heidi.  Much better!

Nothing is planned for the frame, so I thought I would check my pattern stash and choose one from there.  I have narrowed it down to four.  Two from Cammie Bruce ~ Baskets of Wool ~ and two from Heavens to Betsy.  I am thinking perhaps of working on a small pattern and also starting Gypsy.  I haven't worked on anything "large to me" in many months.  Now that darn Saundra is putting us up to a hooking challenge, so I may need to join in on that, too.  So much for my "What am I going to hook next?" dilemma.  

Thanks so much for stopping by.
Pug hugs 😊


Samplings from Spring Creek said...

Your stitched valentine pieces are all very nice--I think you will enjoy them in one of your wooden dough bowls.

Robin Leuschen said...

Love your stitched designs. Rugs ... mmmmm. I want to start hooking again some day.

acorn hollow said...

I always love your cartoons! Your finishes are wonderful you have been productive. I will do Saundra's challenge too but I really should be working on my Herb angel to much time fiddling in my room to be productive.
Happy valentine's day.

Sue Swank said...

Go with the bunny,then he's done for Easter. But... I love gypsy. I see y'all are in for more snow. ha. Ha.

Julia said...

Your Love mat looks really good and I agree, it looks even better with a dark border at the bottom. You've been productive even though the cross stitch is small pieces. You may want to hook some tiny ones for Christmas tree decorations. They are so nice on Christmas trees. Someone gave me a tiny cross stitch pillow Christmas tree ornament years ago and I just loved it.

You also did a great job on the punch needle piece.

Hugs, Julia

Olde Dame Holly said...

Pinkeep fever! Yes! Love them and the wonky heart came out great.

Saundra said...

I agree with the outlining of LOVE. Much better. I have that same Sheep pattern in my stash and haven't looked in my stash for a while. Am guessing that the rug named Gypsy is the horse with misc antique adaptation motifs added? And if so is it a design Kathy Clark?

Farm Girl said...

I love your finishes. Each one is just so nice. I love that little mat as well.
I hope you have had a great day and your foot is almost well.
I dyed wool today.
I am working on Windy Day. Saundra did it last year. I needed wool for the background.
I do hope you are off to a good week.

TheCrankyCrow said...

Great finishes all!! I agree that outlining "Love" was a good call. I am still in love with that blue. And your little stitcheries are so sweet... Too bad they will languish unfinished (goad goad). ;-) I have to laugh....I told you I stitched the token of love one and wanted to stitch it in a darker color like yours (that's black, right??)...mine is done in red and now you want to do one in red. And love the punch needle too....I think it looks great without distressing....Am I losing my primitive touch?? Soooo, "Gypsy" is the horse design? I love the Summer Bloom one and the Sheep one....but know whichever you finish I will love. It will be fun to follow along with Saundra's hook along. Even if I found my hooking mojo again, I am not fond of hooking with alternative fibers. I think I learn my lesson, then forget what I learned and get stupid and try it again....At this point, I am still remembering my lesson. ;-) Happy Valentine's Day! ~Robin~

moosecraft said...

Awesome finishes! I'm voting for Summer Glory as your next project! That Coxcomb & Tulips used to be in my stash....hmmmmm... maybe I might have to go look for it... ;-)

NMK said...

Love all your pretty Valentines cross stitches !!! And LOVE your hooked heart !!! The Black around the lettering was a great suggestion ! You have lots of great hooked patterns to choose from !!! There are way too many patterns I want !!!
I am dying old trims right now to work on Saundra's challenge ....looks like fun !!!

Prims By The Water said...

Wonderful finishes! Hope you had a lovely Valentine's!!! Janice