Sunday, February 28, 2021

Really ???

Should anyone have this many Easter decorations?  About half of them are ceramic pieces my mom made ~ which I treasure.  A few are vintage items and others are, gulp, Chinese imports.

After unpacking all the above, I remembered to look in the dining room cupboard and found these.  Lovingly made by friends.

Only 20 days until spring and the yard is beginning to come to life.  The snow is 99.9% gone.  Hopefully we won't have more white stuff, but there are no guarantees here in northern Ohio.  Though very unusual, I can remember having snow in early May.

The snowdrops are blooming.

So is the winter aconite.

Even the daffs are showing their buds.

I put my big girl panties on and (just barely) started hooking my letters.  (Ignore that long tale on the lower case r.)

My challenge piece is done!!!  I am doing a happy dance.  I am a WOOL girl through and through.  When I get it bound, I will share with you.

Thanks so much for stopping by.
Pug hugs 😊


Saundra said...

Who made that standing stuffed rabbit in the back far left? My crocus have bloomed thru the leaves and many of my flowers have begun growing above the ground too. No guarantees on weather here in Delaware either and I've a moat around my property STILL. Peter Rabbit is looking good.

NMK said...

Our yard is still covered in snow , no signs of Spring here ! Can't wait to see little flowers poking thru the earth too !
Love your Velvet Bunny too and you have lots of special Easter goodies !
Can't wait to see your Tulip !!!! And Love this Peter Rabbit & wools you used !!!

Robin Leuschen said...

All your ceramic pieces are lovely ! And can’t wait to see your finished rug.

acorn hollow said...

I have a few old Easter things but not many you always have such lovely decorations.
Yeah for being done with the challenge I did a very basic finish on mine

Olde Dame Holly said...

My ex husband remembered surprise snows in early May in the Cincy area. Surprise, unwelcome snows that sent people scurrying back to the plant nurseries to replace their early plantings! Your P.R. rug is just coming along beautifully.

Prims By The Water said...

With the snow melting we have mud now and Tundra is now getting black instead of being white. So love your bunny and cannot wait to see your challenge piece. Janice

Julia said...

Your spring flowers are in a hurry and you're ahead of me to decorate for Easter. This gives me spring fever...
So many cute souvenir bunnies from your mom. I'm not sure what I've got left of Easter decorations since I lost so much stuff in the last big flood. It's all a blurr.

Good for you for finishing hooking your challenge.I'm looking forward to the showing. Yay, and you started hooking the letters on your bunny rug. It's looking good. I've never stressed about hooking letters for some reason, it must be because I love hooking details.

Hugs, Julia

WoolenSails said...

Snow is mostly gone here, but no blooms yet, will be nice to see things popping up. next month.
What a fun collection of bunnies, I have less than I thought or maybe there is another box I forgot about, lol.


moosecraft said...

Spring is definitely something to celebrate! Lovely decorations! said...

Your mother's lovely things and friends "stuff" will be cherished forever but the Chinese items - well, it was easy for me to purge stuff when we made the big move in 2014! I rather like the artistic long tail on the"r" for rabbit? You are too hard on yourself; it looks wonderful!

Donna said...

Lots of easter decorations....I especially like the cloth bunnies. Can't wait to see your challenge rug.

Jo Ann said...

I think you need to keep those bunnies separated ! ! ! ! !! :}


P.S. always happy to see your "stuff." I don't feel so guilty then.

Jennie in GA said...

You have so many great decorations for all seasons!! Glad you are getting a hint of Spring.

Farm Girl said...

Your letters are awesome. I love all of your different bunnies. Wow that would be so nice to have that many.
I do hope you don't get snow. Your flowers are lovely.

TheCrankyCrow said...

I knew you would, in fact, hook the letters.... GTs always do. 😆 And I always leave tails on my letters until the very allows for tweaking and adjustment as necessary as regards height. I will have to remember to add the adjective "artistic" in the future though. And I can match your dining room table full of Easter with probably 3 more tables+....most of which I doubt will see the light of day this year. I am just losing all mojo of all kinds I guess. ~Robin~