Tuesday, January 15, 2019

Two Finishes ~

BFF Belinda gave me a 5" cast iron skillet she had been using as a candle holder.  Not knowing what to do with it, I hooked a little snowman face and gave it back to her :)  I guess I will have to hook her a few more little seasonal things.

I finally finished hooking and binding (but not labeling) Old Hearts, a pattern by the Old Tattered Flag started in a class with Caroline Twigg of Eagles Nest Woolens.

I think the true colors are somewhere between the two pictures.  I decided to put it in the bathroom in front of the oak washstand turned vanity.  Though not a big fan of oak, I love how this came out.  I was very limited on space and this was the only thing I found that fit.  The 2 gallon bee sting crock is my waste basket.

Cindy Lou Who is on the mend but is having some intestinal issues.  The vet says it may be the result on the antibiotic she is on.  Cindy is on the chicken and rice diet and she is loving that.  She is just so darn sweet.  Sad to think of how many years she may have suffered from her bladder stone.
Thanks so much for stopping by.
Pug hugs :)


marly said...

Oh yes those antibiotics can cause a disturbance! I hope it all settles soon and her issues resolve.

A man in a pan. Good idea.

acorn hollow said...

Sweet I have one of those pans I cook one egg in it.
So sorry the sweet thing is having a hard time what about yogurt does that work with dogs?

WoolenSails said...

What a fun idea for a candle holder and for finished pieces.
Your rug looks wonderful, I need to bind a few of mine and finish a few.


Saundra said...

Your finishes are very nice. I used to have one of those cast iron small pans but disposed of it along the way of moving numerous times.
Cathy of Acorn Hollow is right, yogurt does help. When Ben's tummy was upset I'd give him PLAIN yogurt. He'd lick it up but I'd also sometimes mix a little in his kibble.

Julia said...

I have a cast iron fry pan like that and I love it and a larger one also.
Your snowman face is beautiful but out here, I've seen enough snow to do me for a while. When is Spring coming?

I gave yogurt to my calves when they had difficulty digesting their milk and they liked it much better than sauerkraut that the vet had told me to feed them to build up good bacteria in the stomach to help digest their food.
I hope that CLW starts to feel better very soon. Antibiotic can really mess up the guts.

Your heart rug looks so nice and picks up the color of your bathroom ok cabinet.
Take care, hugs, Julia

Farm Girl said...

Poor girl. I hope she recovers fast. It is so sad about that stone too. I love that cast iron skillet and the snow man it looks so cute. I love that vanity in your bathroom and what a cute idea for a trash can. I love your finishes. You are so talented Lauren. Have a lovely day.

Three Sheep Studio said...

How cute is that cast iron skillet ??? What a great finish.
Love the heart rug also !
It will be good when CLW will be medication free !

P.J. said...

Glad to hear that Cindy Lou is on the mend and feeling better. Great idea in using the mini cast iron. Gives inspiration for some I have. Lovely finish on your heart rug. I love the crock for the waste can, i have an old sap bucket for a waste can in our guest "moose" room. Sending hugs to Cindy Lou Who ♡

Prims By The Water said...

How cool that frying pan snowman is. Hope he dont melt. TEE HEE! Your rug is perfect where you have it. Also so glad CLW is doing good. I would never buy a pet from a pet store. Janice

TheCrankyCrow said...

I think I already told you (on one of the rare times I caught one of your FB posts LOL) how much I love that heart rug....You mastered the look of old perfectly.....And the little man in the pan is adorable. Bet she loved it. Awwww....poor CLW....Sending her furry hugs and scratches..... Robin

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