Friday, March 23, 2018

Sad . . . and MAD ~

On a happy note, this antique postcard reminds me of my cello-playing grandson who turned 13 today.  So hard to believe.  He has turned in to such a handsome young man.  We will celebrate tomorrow.  March is THE BIG birthday month ~ son, grandson, brother and moi.
On a sad note, the rug camp I was scheduled to attend in May has been cancelled.  I went last year, had Cathy Stephan of Red Barn Rugs as my teacher (loved her) and was looking forward to having her again.  On a mad (as hell) note, I wrote a check last May for the camp that was cashed at the end of February.  Monday we received notice that the camp owner had health and financial issues and camp was cancelled.  Now I'm sure these issues didn't just pop up in the last 6 weeks.  The old saying, "there's something rotten in the state of Denmark" comes to mind.  They say they will refund our money down the road when she sells her house, but I am not holding my breath.  Someone else is trying to schedule a camp of her own for the same dates, but I'm not sure I'm willing to pay twice for the same camp.  On one hand, (the hooking hand . . . lol) I'd love to go, but on the other . . .
Not much creativity going on here.  I am vending at two hook-ins in April so have been busy trying to get things made.  I definitely have a motivation problem so it's been a real struggle.  I did bind my little scrappy mat with my new favorite background wool  

and left a little showing on the outside edge of the mat.

Next up is a small hooked piece in the shape of an arrow that will be a door prize at our guild hook-in in May.  I need to get something on the frame that truly excites me.
Thanks so much for stopping by.
Pug hugs :)


WoolenSails said...

That is a shame. It is the same when I got my quilting machine, she gave me a deal, then said she would give me cash back since it was a floor model. Then she says she is closing, like she didn't know already. I never did get my money and of course, no lessons.


acorn hollow said...

OMG that would P me off in no uncertain terms. I understand health issues but but to take your money is stealing flat out! I hate lying and stealing they did both!
I am with you on the creativity thing we didn't get the last storm hurrah so I have been trying to walk as much as I can and I am dead in the evenings.

Three Sheep Studio said...

Love the mat and how perfectly you bound it !
Happy Birthday wishes to all !
Your rug camp news is disappointing and frustrating.
Hoping something good will come of it.

Julia said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY fear Lauren... I wish the rug camp owner would have more integrity. That would pis me off too. I can't understand how someone can do that under any circumstances. I bet a lot of ladies are pissed off too.

Maybe you can just get some friends gathered up and have your own hook-in and still have a lot of fun. Save your money to buy more wool.

Take care, hugs, Julia

Farm Girl said...

I would be very upset about that too. I would come to see you do an finishing edge on a rug. How on earth do you do that? That is the most beautiful edge I have ever seen. That is a wonderful little mat. I do hope you get your money back. That is just so sad. I do hope it all works out right Lauren.

Margaret said...

Love your finish! I agree -- and I would not be happy at all about the rug camp. OMG. That's just awful. :(

Mugwump Woolies said...

First...Happy Birthday, and it is only a number! My number goes up one year on the 26th. Your mat is wonderful...great colors! So sorry about camp. The things people do!

Samplings from Spring Creek said...

You have a right to be mad! You paid in good faith, your deposit should be refunded in good faith. People expect us to do the right thing but are unwilling to do the right thing by us.

Saundra said...

I'd be made as hell too. I'd have thought the funds for CAMP would be to pay teachers, rent for the venue, etc. Not paying personal bills, mortgage pymnts, etc.

Julie - My Primitive Heart said...

Hi Lauren,
Such a sweet postcard and hard to believe your Jake is growing up so fast!!! So nice you can send time with him!
So sorry to hear about the rug camp situation! I hope things get resolved in your favor!!
Sending BIG HUGS, my friend~
Julie xo

Prims By The Water said...

So sorry to hear about your rug camp. That happened to me with an online picture trail buyer once. Paid $30 for an item, and kept getting excuses. She was out of state and then I heard from other buyers she stiffed them too. She was losing her house and decided she needed money...from us buyers. Well she lost her house too..but I never got my money back. Hope your handsome man has a great birthday! Janice

jody said...

oh Lauren im so sorry to hear about your rug camp! geez ya look so forward to it and all that cost! not a good situation and i hope you get your money back on that and then buy lots of wool! wow its hard to believe our grandbabes are growing up so! i knew Jake was a wee bit older than my Jayden but then seeing the #13! so hard to believe! jd will be 13 in November and almost as tall as me now! they are entering into some major growing now..Jakes a cutie and wish him a happy birthday from your blog friends! love your little mat and what a great job you do on the binding! i so wish i had someone close to me that hooks i think im the only one up in these parts! some who would like to learn but i want someone who does it! thank goodness for my blog friends! what inspiration you are! i may have to do a rug challenge that Julia talks about... enjoy your day Lauren!!

Unknown said...

Are you speaking of the person that started the spot with the almost so. rug ? Let me tell you and anyone else, there are sites you can pist comments when domesom has cheated you or did not hold up to an agreement. I'm sorry but I can't remember the name if the site but it should be pretty easy to be in your SEARCH, on the web to find them I hope this r everyone