Wednesday, August 19, 2009

I was bad...very bad ~ ~ Sauder Village part 3

I thought I'd share my purchases from the Sauder Village rug show with you. I bought Rug Hooking Magazine's newest book and got the tote bag free ~ free is always good.
I bought two half yards pieces of washed and ready as-is wool. I am using the wool on the right in my cat rug and it hooks like a dream.
Almost 4 yards of wool from Rebecca Erb. She had samples of the solid rose-colored wool over-dyed and it was gorgeous. Heck, why am I thinking about over-dying? I still haven't even washed the wool I bought from her last year. (As the youngsters would bad!)
Here is my 9.5 Townsend cutter head... go with my new Townsend cutter!!!!! I just got it today. Very exciting. I also got an 8.5 cutter head. I'd better do some serious hooking to make this worthwhile ;-)
As always, thank you for stopping by.
I'll have more rugs from the show to share with you in my next post.
Pug hugs :)


April DeConick said...

Yeah, you did it! Have fun with the Townsend!

kelley said...

The Townsend is such a delight to use...I love mine...but need one of those 9.5 cutter heads now too!

My sister's friend just took home 2 Ohio rescue pugs and couldn't be happier...

Alice ~ Folk Art Primitives said...

You go, girl!!! You will never be sorry for one moment that you splurged on your cutter!!!
Happy hooking!!

Mary said...

Oh, I'd say you were very, very good! Congrats on the new goodies!! I know you'll just love your new cutter.

Gayle said...

Lucky you to get the new book! I've ordered it from RHM magazine, but it won't even SHIP until October! I should have asked you to buy one for me! LOL Gorgeous wools, and I envy you the new cutter - I just can't justify the cost.

Unknown said...

What was it Mae West said--"When I'm bad, I'm very, very good!" I think you did great. As they say, a craftsman (make that woman) is only as good as her tools.

Rugs and Pugs said...

Thanks for all the positive comments! I'm so happy I bought it, but might not feel that way when the MasterCard bill!
Kelley ~ a BIG thank you to your sister's friend for adopting the pugs.
Thank you all for stopping by and leaving me a comment. It is always greatly appreciated!
Pug hugs :)

The Wool Cupboard said...

Lauren - I'm jealous of your Townsend, and your trip to Sauder Village, but CONGRATULATIONS!! Thanks for posting all the great rug pictures. I know you will enjoy the book, too!