Tuesday, May 15, 2018

A Mental Thing ~

FINALLY.  I made myself finish this challenge piece.  I thought this would be an easy hook but how I struggled with it.  All I had left to hook was the bear and it took me about a week and a half to hook him.  I'd pull a few loops and then quit or just look at him and not pull a single loop.  The overall size of the rug is only 14" x 20" so you know the bear is not that big.  Maybe that was the problem.  I had to hook him in an 8 cut.  My cut of choice is an 8.5.  It doesn't sound like there should be much difference between the two sizes, but to me it is huge.
Hooking the beauty line around the paws was a real bear ~ pun intended.  I'm still not totally happy, but I just want to get him steamed and bound.

I have another little challenge piece to hook for the Crooked River Rug Hookers Christmas in July meeting and also want to hook the first of my Christmas presents.  I always wait too long and then don't get done what I had hoped to.  Will share soon.
Thanks so much for stopping by.
Pug hugs :)


  1. I LOVE HIM! He makes me smile. :)

  2. OOOOO and did you have to use a 6 cut for that outling on the paws ????? poor baby! it is however very cute in spite of all the whining LOL! Love the photos of your gardens - just lovely and your yard art piece is neat too. no pug fosters right now? I always love seeing them. glad spring has sprung in No. ohio - Mel

  3. I think the smaller rugs are more challenging. I'm struggling with the Sauder challenge piece. I think I'm going to pitch it. I'm not happy with it and I'm sick of it...so I feel your pain!!

  4. I know the feeling...I get it! There is a small challenge pattern which should be hooked before Cape May camp in September and just can't get myself to get interested in it.

    Your bear looks good and bet you are very happy it is done.

  5. He's sweet! Glad you're happy with the finish. So our body outline is called a beauty line? I get more beautiful every week.

  6. He is cute! Can I ask how you steam your rugs? Just curious how everyone does theirs. Am loving my patriotic one. Thanks for stopping by. Janice

  7. That is so adorable, I love it. I need to make a camping sign, but plan on painting it, definitely need one with a kayak.


  8. Feels good to cross things off your list ! I love the pine trees. I think it turned out great. ;)

  9. well your bear is sweet as can be!

  10. Sounds like the smaller cuts are used for that beauty line around the paws and I think bear is very cute. I just learned some more about rug hooking. I just need to start one.

  11. Well I think it looks very good. It is hard for me to finish a rug when I don't like that pattern too. It looks like a very happy rug to me.

  12. Lauren, you did a fine job on your bear rug. I have the same problem when I hook something that I'm not happy with. I get hookers's block. I hooked when the water was too high and now that the water went down, I haven't touched the hook.
    Just too busy with the clean up.
    Hugs, Julia


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