Saturday, March 3, 2018

Mindless Hooking ~

I love mindless hooking.  Hooking where I can just sit down, pick up the hook and hardly think about what I am doing.  This rug is just that, but it's gotten to the point that it's a little too mindless.  I'm afraid if I put the hook down and choose a new project, I will have a hard time getting back to this rug, so I am soldiering on.  I am so close. . . just part of one last 12" square to hook.

I am also adding a border.  Finished size will be a little more than two feet by three feet.  One of the largest rugs I've hooked to date.
Sunny but cold here in northern Ohio.  Thankfully we did not have the damaging winds experienced by Saundra and others. 
Thanks so much for stopping by.
Pug hugs :)


Prims By The Water said...

No wind here, but March came in like a lion with snow March 1st. Your rug does not look mindless to me...looks good! Janice

Julia said...

Your rug looks great. It must be hooking fast since it such a wide cut.
Im glad you got spared the damaging wind. It's been windy and overcast here all day and the snow has been melting.

Hugs, Julia

Saundra said...

Hey, 24 x 36 isn't really HUGE. But could be the boredom is the culprit. Just think about all those pesky worms you're using up and making you SO VERY HAPPY in the process. That is the 'happy ending', lol.

WoolenSails said...

I love doing that with leftover worms, then it is fun, to see how it comes out with the hit and miss. It looks wonderful and i am sure you will be glad when it is finished.


Jacqueline said...

Every time I see this pattern I want to hook it. Maybe when I finish my current project.

Julie - My Primitive Heart said...

Hi Lauren,
I LOVE this rug and want to hook one, too!! Guess I would enjoy doing something "mindless" once in a while!!! You are on the home stretch and the finish is just ahead!!! Hope you enjoy your weekend!!
Heart Hugs to you and Enchilada~