Sunday, January 7, 2018

Back to Normal ~

The house is about 99% put back together.  I LOVE my Christmas decorations, but it is always good to get back to my "normal".  I've made countless trips to the attic. In the past week I climbed 387 floors!  

I had a dye day on Friday.  Of course, my usual Emma Lou's putty (old) . . . 

. . . plus toned down some wool with seal brown.  (I use Cushing dyes.)  I should have taken before pictures.  The blue wool (top two) was very garish and not something I would ever use!  It's much prettier in person.

I tried dyeing red for the first time ever.  Used a recipe in a dye book by Nancy Raybould.  I added the required amount of dye and wasn't getting great results so added another half dose.  After I had glugged with vinegar and set the color, it still wasn't what I was hoping for.  I started over with another full dose and here are the results. It is a little more pink in color than red, but I think it's a color I can use at some point.

Christmas is all put away except for the tinsel tree.  I think I am going to try to make it a Valentine tree.  I will keep you posted. 

There is so much I put away to make room for the Christmas decorations.  Inevitably, there are things I cannot find.  I knew I was missing a bowl of stone fruit.  I searched and searched and it was nowhere to be found.  Finally I decided to look under the spare bed.  Guess what?  Not one, but two bowls of stone fruit.  Isn't that where you stash yours?  

I put all my feather edge in the same cupboard, so how can I be missing one piece?  It's a gravy boat from a child's dish set.  I am tired of looking for it and I suppose (and hope) that some day it will turn up.

We have had a frigid week, but not nearly as cold as some of you.  Thankfully we are having a heat wave this week and Thursday's high is predicted to be 50*.  I'm sure there will be some crazies running around in shorts and flip flops :)

Thanks so much for stopping by.
Pug hugs :)


Julia said...

hahaah, I'm still laughing that you forgot where you hid your stone fruit bowls. Thank goodness for spare beds.. I finally started putting Christmas decorations away but my nativity and the big tree are still not put away. I'm not rushing because i know I'm not going to jail if it's not put away right away. I'm really looking forward to warmer temperatures.

Hugs, Julia❤️

acorn hollow said...

I still have my large tree up I hate to part with it I have all of my antique ornaments on it. I have things tucked all over the house.
we are in for a warm up I work in a college town I see kids in shorts at 5 below

WoolenSails said...

I am too lazy to take mine down right now, lol.
We need to take it all down, time to repaint the walls, so that is next. Wonderful wool colors, they will look beautiful in a rug.


marly said...

Your stone fruit collection is wonderful. All I have is gravel. I think those reds look fabulous, not pinkish at all, but that's probably my monitor.

susan hemann said...

love this post, to funny about the fruit, love the wool you dyed, I'm frozen here, finally today I can move my fingers without to much pain

Three Sheep Studio said...

Love the red wool. You did a great job dyeing it !
We used to keep our tree up and decorate it with gingerbread hearts for Valentine’s Day !
BTW - after weeks of bitter cold - if it gets up to 50 degrees later this week - I just might be one of the crazies that drives around town in a convertible!!!!
(Just kidding !!!! But, you know you’ll see them !)

Jacqueline said...

My Christmas is put away but all my snowmen items are still out and with the mini blizzard going on outside they fit right in. Come on 50's.
I love your dyed wool too.

Julie - My Primitive Heart said...

Hi Lauren,
Your wool turned out so nice and I love the red especially!! So happy your found all that gorgeous stone fruit!! Sounds like something I would do!! I do the same thing, thinking what a great spot this is and so easy to remember!! Nope!!! I won't tell you our high today or you will not like me anymore!!
Sending LOTS of WARM HUGS~

Farm Girl said...

Crazies indeed, there is a man who lives behind me and I have never seen him in long pants, always shorts.
That is funny about your stone fruit. Your colors are wonderful. Wow! you got that many floors!! Wow! cool.
I really want to get dyeing soon. Its in the plans this week. Have a lovely warm week. :)

Saundra said...

Funny story on the stone fruit; I'd only find dust under my bed. Great job on dyeing. Was thinking the other day it was time to get out the dye pots if for no other reason just to heat up the house.

Jennie in GA said...

Always enjoy everyone’s dye adventures. I don’t dye often, but learned long ago to never dye when needing an absolutely specific color. I just dyed to add to stash. Your efforts are great! Are they for something special?