Tuesday, January 30, 2018

The End of the (Camp) Story ~

Finally!  The last of Off the Ocean Rug Conference. 
In addition to Kris Miller and Sheila Arbogast, there were three more teachers at camp.
Katie Allman ~ an Ohio teacher ~ is always great fun.  You never know what she is up to.  These are a few of the rugs being worked on in her class.
Sue (my personal Uber driver . . . grin . . . thank you again Sue) was working on Magdalena's Goat, drawn by Saundra of Woodland Junction.  Sue is a super fast hooker and had even more done by the end of camp even though she did not hook a couple of the afternoons.

Diane Stoffel of Massachusetts is a very admired teacher who teaches throughout the country.
Melody aka Woolwoman and I have been reading each others' blogs and corresponding for years.  She is how I found out about Off the Ocean.  She started this rug in Diane's class.

Here she is hard at work :)

A few more rugs from Diane's class.

Last but not least, another Ohio teacher, Sibyl Osicka.  She is an incredible fine cut hooker who has authored a number of books.  This is the rug she brought with her.  She truly paints with wool.

Shirley, my delightful roomie will soon be 80 years young.  About 50 years ago she learned to hook and just a couple years ago started hooking again.

Shirley's progress.

Can you believe this is what each student was working from in Sibyl's class (tailored to the rug she was working on)?  I was told you work with swatches up to 11 values and this is how placement is determined.  Impressive but not for me.

If you've never been to a rug camp and get the opportunity, I strongly suggest you go.  It is a wonderful experience and so inspiring.
Thanks so much for stopping by.
Pug hugs :)


Julie - My Primitive Heart said...

Hi Lauren,
Your roommate Shirley is just a doll!! She does beautiful work!! So happy you had a great time!! My favorite rug is the goat!!
Enjoy your week!
Heart Hugs~

Saundra said...

You wouldn't be able to guess which pattern was my favorite, would you? Yup, it would be Sue's goat and she accomplished a LOT.
Agree that anal narrow cut hooking style isn't for me either.

Julia said...

Tanks for the great rug show and I for one love the fine cut but I'm not talking of the #3 cut, but the #5 or#6 cuts are more my speed. I love working with a bit of details but that shading must be grueling work...

The rugs are just beautiful work of art. They are really labor of love...

Wow, Sibyl O.'s rug is just amazing... thanks for sharing these photos with us.
Hugs, Julia

Julia said...

I meant," Thanks for the great show"

WoolenSails said...

This reminds me of what I love about rug hooking, so many diverse designs, loved seeing them.


NMK said...

Another great rug show !!! Great to know we can still be hookers at 80 !!!!

Raymond Homestead said...

Lots of beautiful rugs!

Three Sheep Studio said...

Such beauty. Each rug is so different. I would believe there is a lot to learn at each show.
Thanks for sharing.

Jennie in GA said...

Lots of wonderful rugs for inspiration. Thanks for sharing!!!

Margaret said...

It's nice to see a picture of Melody in action! I'm in awe of those hookers who use such a fine cut -- and the gradation in color too. Like you said, not for me! I would love to learn to hook rugs, but I think I'd take after you -- larger cuts than fine for sure!