Saturday, July 17, 2010

Does this pug make my butt look fat?

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Yesterday after work I headed an hour and a half west to pick up a pug that had been left in a drop box at a shelter in Toledo, Ohio (home of Tony Paco's of M*A*S*H* fame). Normally I only foster female pugs ~ boys pee WAY to much for me! When Salty (he looks more like a Pepper to me!) got out of the volunteer's car, he immediately peed on her tire. When I put him in the crate in the back of my little SUV, he peed again out the side of the crate, thankfully missing me by only inches.
The shelter said Salty was about 8, but I'm guessing he is closer to 4. He has very little gray and boundless energy. He obviously had been someone's pet and was well taken care of at one time. Last evening watching a movie (Amelia ~ a so so movie IMHO) he was glued up against me or on my lap. He is crate trained, appears to be house broken and picky about what he eats. He would not eat dry food, but I gave him wet food and he quickly ate it like a little gentleman. He was a little stinky so a bath was on this morning's agenda and he bathed without problem.
Shortly I am taking him to an event in Akron where his new foster mom will meet him. After being neutered, micro-chipped and brought up to date on shots, he will be ready to begin his new life in a forever home.
He is so black it was impossible to get a good picture of him with a flash.

How could you not love that face? (Except for the gray on the chin, his face is all black ~ not sure what is showing in the picture.) Here he is with my Eema.
PLEASE!!! If you are in the market for a new pet (dog, cat, horse, even skunk!!!), please consider a rescue animal. There are SO MANY looking for their forever homes. Please do not support puppy mills by purchasing from a pet store.
Thank you so much for stopping by!
Pug hugs :)


  1. Lauren ~ What a beautiful boy! Thank you for your kindness toward these little furry friends. I recently read that more and more pets are showing up at shelters because people cannot afford to take care of them. How sad for everyone involved...bless you for your caring heart.

  2. When you wear a cute furry friend on your body, all human physical defects are minimized. So the more animals you hold on your lap, the better you look! hehehe!!!

    Seriously, he is a cutie! Hope someone who has time for lots of bathroom trips gives him a happy home.
    Amen to adopting those who need a home! We have so many puppy mills in our area, even with stricter laws being passed. Now if they would only ENFORCE...
    Though the best way to discourage is Not to Buy!

  3. Thank you for the work that you do. You're new little guy looks like he will make a wonderful friend for someone. Let's hope he finds his forever home soon!

  4. Lauren, YOU are doing such a great thing. I have resuced 2 dogs know. Our Beloved and very spoiled Knuckles is a a black Lab, he was in the shelter for 2 monthes before we brought him home. I couldn't believe a pure bred sat there for so long! We image not having him.
    I got a sign from Goldiloo while back that hangs over my front door.. "Rescuing one dog with not change the world, surely for that one dog his world is forever changed!" OLM

  5. LOL That title made me giggle! He sounds like he will make a wonderful family addition for someone. He an Eema look great together. I would want to keep them all.

  6. Lauren.
    What a cutie! If I could have another dog, I would be tempted but renting with 2 dogs is hard enough. One is a rescue, the other a gift. I worked with NARA for years when I owned Airedales. Your work is so needed.

  7. You are such a good person!! The new guy is very good looking ~ he should find a new home in nothing flat!!!

  8. What a cute doll face! Hope he finds a forever home soon!

  9. AWWWW.. I love pugs..we have one that is 4 yrs old...her name is HANNAH and she has mega-e which we do seem to have under control..her vet said she wouldnt probably live past a yr old, but she is doing wonderful....

  10. Lauren--what a handsome fella--I love the immpish look in his eyes. May he find his forever home quickly.
    I just realized my chi rescues have been with us one year on the 27th!! i couldn't imagine life without them now!!

  11. Oh my gosh Lauren, the more I see the Pugs you take in the more I'm falling in love with them...what an adorable pug.
    He'll do just fine in his new FOREVER HOME...oh why do people get animals and decide they are disposable. Arghhhhh!


  12. Oh Lauren, I can not help it...the black Puggies steal my heart...he looks like my Rudy...

    Bless you for what you do for them!


  13. Hello Lauren~as a fellow dog lover I am so grateful for what you do! Little Salty is a cutie and a very lucky little guy too,for having crossed paths with you! Best wishes for him in his new "forever home"! Hugs for you Lauren~Kathy


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