Saturday, August 1, 2009

A Taste of History ~

A Taste of History is an event being held today at an area of Lorain called Black River Landing. It started with a farmer's market in the morning and an antique and craft show beginning at noon. Also beginning at noon were musical entertainment and Ohio Wine on the Water where 7 local wineries are showcasing their wines. For only $10.00, you can sample five wines and leave with a souvenir wine glass.
I don't like to say anything negative because I belong to the Black River Historical Society, but the antique show is not too well received (through no fault of the Society). In the past they had some wonderful dealers, but because of lack of sales, I presume, they have not returned. I am glad I stopped by, though, because it was my LUCKY DAY!!! I just love a bargain, and these three paper mache turkeys were my score of the year. The seller did know what he was selling because he told me what they were and that they were German, but he had all three priced for only $15.00. One normally costs more than that. One is missing its bottom cardboard. The small turkey in the middle has a tiny candy container as a base. I now have seven or eight of these. Woo hoo!
I've attached a close up of the one larger turkeys that still has the original S.S. Kresge, 15 cent label. What a hoot. Do you remember Kresge's? I do. I guess I am showing my!
I love old boxes, especially ones that are dovetailed. It was hard to capture a good picture it. The latch is newer and I'm thinking the base is not original, but it has these HUGE hand cut dovetails. Another bargain at only $11.00.
Thank you for stopping by. The weather in northern Ohio is just beautiful today. I've volunteered to work at Wine on the Water this evening, so I really must get ready.
On a bittersweet note, Frannie may be going to her forever home tomorrow. I will keep you posted. If the adoption does happen, I am going to miss her, but there are many more pugs needing foster care.
Pug hugs :)

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