Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Christmas in July ~

Okay. Wasn't it just the 4th of July last week and Memorial Day a week before that? How can it possibly be July 29th? I mean, it's almost August, for Pete's sake. I know the older I get the faster it goes, but winter doesn't seem to fly by like summer. Why is that? Is it because I don't handle the cold very well?
I confess. I'm a Christmas junkie. What more can I say? I make myself crazy every year during the holidays. I get so stressed. You'd think I'd learn, but I don't!
Here's a few pictures from last year that I'll share.
The living room tree.
My patriotic decorations on the landing going upstairs.
Three antique samplers on the mantle.
The baker's cupboard in the living room.
In the kitchen (with my ugly green, plastic tile!). My Mom made the ceramic St. Nicholas between the two spice chests. She did beautiful work!
Pie safe in the dining room.
Jelly cupboard on the opposite wall in the dining room.
I had to include a few family photos.
My grandson Jake with Santa.
I love this picture of him ~ in awe of everything.
My mom.
My DSO and Loocie.
I'll have many more decorations to share with you at Christmas. It will be here before I am ready for it. You'd think I could figure out that since Christmas falls on the same date every year I could plan accordingly. Yeah right!
Thanks for stopping by.
Pug hugs :)


Anonymous said...

Hi Lauren, thanks for sharing the pics, I also love Christmas and by the 1st of December each year the house is already decorated.

Anonymous said...

Hi Lauren! ooohhhh...just love your Christmas decorations..sooo pretty! We love Christmas at our house too. I start decorating right after Thanksgiving. You've almost put me in the mood just by posting your wonderful pictures!lol! Love them! Thanks!~Kathy

Anonymous said...

Oopps! I almost forgot the most important part....your Jake is just adorable!! (:

Linda said...

Lauren - I too LOVE Christmas...everything about it. Your decorations looked great. It's fun to change things every year (for me) so every Christmas looks different. I haven't thought about this year's plans yet, but it will be here before we know it, for sure! Jake is sure cute (or should I say handsome?!) This will be our first Christmas with our new grandson, Kale, so it will be even more fun this year. Thanks for sharing your holiday pics!