Friday, November 3, 2017

Peter Pan of Pugs ~

Pretty Girl is like Peter Pan ~ she will not grow up.  A six and a half YEAR OLD puppy.  I have never met a pug quite like her.  She makes me laugh all day long with her antics.

Whenever anything is put on the floor, she has to get on it.  I was packing for Hooked in the Valley and set my lap desk on the floor and she was on it within seconds.

She is in to everything.

One of my favorite pictures of her beautiful face.
She loves to lay on clothes.

Climb on to DSO's end table (or jump on the coffee table).

 She needs to empty the entire toy bucket.

She jumped on my hooking frame before I could even get the cover off.

She is very much like a cat.  She love to get in bags . . .

. . . and take a little snooze.
She went from my bed to the nightstand.

Pretty Girl would not go down the stairs in to the basement ~ that is until Ernestine followed me down and she was not going to be left behind.  One day she went down on her own and found a garbage bag full of snippets.  What a mess she made of that.

I admit my basement is a mess.  (The pile on the right will be donated.)  PG had to stand on a clothes basket and check out what was on the shelf.
Another day after I emptied the dryer she looked inside and saw the dryer balls. 

Next thing I knew the little stinker jumped in and started chewing on one.

Looks are deceiving.  She looks so angelic.  This was after I made her stop chewing on the pillow.  She also likes to do some very unladylike things to pillows!!!
Pretty Girl is one special pug.  She is going to make someone very happy.  That someone is not me.  At this point, I don't believe I have the option of adopting her, but I will enjoy her as long as she is here.
Thanks so much for stopping by.
Pug hugs :)


Jo Ann said...


Looks like she is a happy handful. Gotta love the little darlings. Jo Ann

WoolenSails said...

She is so adorable and love the photos of her antics, put a smile on my face. I think she is quite happy having a loving home and her real personality has come out.


woolwoman said...

if I just had time for a dog - I would have you pack that little cutie in a carrier and bring her to FL with you in January. She is just precious - such a darling face. have a great weekend - Mel

Patti said...

How fun! She must make you laugh (and maybe sometimes cry) ;) Enjoy your time with her. Sounds like she gets along or maybe tolerates Ernestine?
Blessings, Patti

NMK said...

She is so cute !!! What a funny girl !!!!

acorn hollow said...

She is cute but what a puppy

Daisy Debs said...

oh ! she's a darling ! :)

Saundra said...

Sure seems like one rambunctious high energy dog to keep people and animals entertained. I'm sure there is someone for her.

denise said...

she is too cute!

marly said...

What a character. Love those photos. What adorable poses! She needs a several member family to keep her busy!

Farm Girl said...

She is the cutest girl I have ever seen, I just love her sweet face. She seems really happy with you though.

JustGail said...

Pretty Girl is adorable, and may need a job to use up some of that energy. Aren't Pugs known as the clowns of dogs, or am I thinking of another breed? Are you sure she wasn't raised with/by cats with all the climbing she does?

Unknown said...

Oh my...that's a lot of puppy antics for one dog!! My sister had a pug that climbed on the tables. Very odd, but Sis didn't seem to mind. LOL

My Moses is two, but still has the chewing instincts of an eight week old. So far this week...pulled out about 20 feet of yarn from it's bucket...wool and silk, thank you. Chewed up a new fish filter. And spread the pieces EVERYWHERE. And ate a pillow. Yep, good times. LOL

Julia said...

Oh my gosh. What a handful but she makes up for it with her cuteness. You really captured her normal day.
Hugs, Julia

Julie - My Primitive Heart said...

Hi Lauren,
What a fun post!! Pretty girl sounds like a toddler.....always getting into something!!!
All she needs is a tutu and some fairy dust and she would look just like Tinker Bell!!! Bet you have added some extra miles to you day just keeping up with her!!
Enjoy your weekend!
Heart Hugs~

Krissy B. said...

Love her personality. You are right. Someone is going to enjoy her and laugh a lot. What a fun puppy you have there. Are you sure she's not 2? LoL!

Jacqueline said...

Great post. I smiled thru all her antics.

Three Sheep Studio said...

How very sweet and entertaining! She is a treasure. I love dogs with big personality.

susan hemann said...

so cute! I would love to have a dog.

Mugwump Woolies said...

"She's precious"...that's what Annie said when I showed her these pics. Such a sweet little pup...we think you should keep her :)
Robyn & Annie

Margaret said...

OMG, she is so cute! I was going to say -- her behavior is so much like a cat! lolol! Adorable!

Unknown said...

I love dogs with big personality.