Friday, August 4, 2017

Big Willie ~

The highlight of our quick trip to Chicago was a trip to Willis Tower (fka the Sears Tower), which my niece affectionately calls the Big Willie.  For as many times as I have been to the Windy City, it was a first for me.  The skydeck is on the 103rd floor of the tower, 1,353 feet (412.4 m) high and is one of the most famous tourist attractions in Chicago.  We (DSO, grandson and one of my great nieces) braved "The Ledge", a retractable glass balcony which extends approximately 4 feet (1.2 m) from the facade of the 103rd floor, overlooking South Wacker Drive. The all-glass box allows visitors to look through the glass floor to the street 1,353 feet (412 m) below.  I was told I screamed like a girl when I first walked out on it, but I don't believe it :)

Jake is now officially taller than I am!

See those 4 "boxes" near the top?  Those are the clear ledges.  Now you know why I screamed like a girl?

We also took a water taxi to Chinatown for lunch, another first for me.  All in all, a great time was had in Chicago.

Jake . . .

. . . great niece Sophia, niece Elise and great niece Alexis look less than thrilled on the water taxi.

My niece lives in the Lincoln Square area of Chicago.  These signs in the window of the "downtown" area cracked me up.  I hope you can enlarge them enough to read.

I finished the binding on my Cedar Lakes camp rug ~ finally.  The pattern is by Red Barn Rugs and the finished size is 16 1/4" x 48 1/2".

I also finished the punching on this pattern by the Old Tattered Flag while driving home from Chicago.  I didn't plan too well because I had three hours where I had nothing to work on.  I'm not sure how I will finish it.  I'm thinking about giving it a walnut crystal dye bath.

My Fitbit is giving me fits.  It has worked flawlessly for almost a year and suddenly it's gone haywire and only works sporadically and keeps giving me messages that the update is complete.  In 11 months, I have never gotten that message.  Has anyone had any issues with theirs?  I looked on the internet and couldn't find any answers.  I guess I will have to look again.  This thing motivates me so I will replace if necessary.  ***UPDATE***  I called Fitbit customer service and Christian was a great help.  Hopefully all he had me do has reset the tracker and I should have no more problems.  WOO HOO!  I really did not want to buy a new one.

Thanks so much for stopping by.
Pug hugs :) 


NMK said...

I would have screamed & cried, thrown up & passed out stepping out onto the glass floor !!!! Yikes !!! Love the signs in the window !!! Your hand work looks beautiful ! Looks like you had a great time !!!

village folk art said...

WOW...You are just like a whirlwind. I would never go to that tower...ever. I love to fly but not from tall buildings.
Your red barn rug is my style. I really need to give hooking another try. It is a lovely rug.
NO fitbit for me, I just want a cheap ole pedometer. Hubs and I have been walking for the last 2 months and I have finally started to dwindle down with much more to go. I just to want to know what kind of distances we are covering. Now to catch my you certainly had an exciting time.
Have a great weekend and Peace for all,

Jacqueline said...

Would never have the nerve to go out on that glass floor, never.

My Fitbit was a year in June and I had an issue with it not syncing to my phone. Tried everything, then called customer service and they got me back up and going. yay

Patti said...

Thanks for sharing! I used to work on the 75th floor of the Aon Building and So glad to be on the 5th floor instead! Glad you had a water taxi ride - I take it almost every day :) If you ever have some extra time in Chicago we should meet for lunch or dinner!
Blessings, Patti

Saundra said...

No way I could have gone that high and looked down; bravo for you. Congrats on the finishes during your trip, nothing better than completing a project just sitting and waiting.

Prims By The Water said...

Been to the top of that building when it was the Sears tower...and HATED it. My girlfriends tricked me into the elevator. Once at the top, I stayed just directly against the wall near the elevator. I was never so scared in my life....but did not scream. Your rugs look amazing as ever! Janice

krayolakris said...

Amazing photos! So brave! I'd have to be pried off the floor.

WoolenSails said...

I cannot imagine standing in that glass box, lol. What amazing views though. Nice that you could spend time with family.


Glenda said...

I think the update on the Fit Bit gave a lot of people issues. While on vacation this week my husband completed all of his daily goals , everything turned green and then he looses half of his goals. After completing his goals a second time and it doing the same thing , he called customer support and they helped him reset it. All is well, but I was afraid the fitbit was going out the window.

marly said...

Your rug looks fabulous. Nice size too. As for the cubes, NO WAY baby. You're a brave woman.

acorn hollow said...

I almost screamed like a girl just looking at
the pictures of you out on that ledge.
love your pieces.
that Jake is growing like crazy.

Julia said...

You are adventurous and on the go all the time. I think you must get a pair of wings, wow, that's a crazy high building. Thanks for letting us see where you go you brave woman. I have my feet firmly on the ground.

I'm glad you got your fitbit under control again. Thanks for the great photos. Love the crazy signs.
Take care, hugs, Julia

Farm Girl said...

What a fun trip! Just looking at the pictures of you standing on that glass, made me feel woozy. I don't know if I could have done that,. Even looking up at those tiny boxes made my tummy flop. I am so glad you got your fitbit fixed. My son's went wonky and they sent him a brand new one. I would be so sad if something happened to mine. It keeps me walking. :)
Your rug and your needle punch looks wonderful.
I hope you have a lovely weekend.

Margaret said...

First, love your rug! Gorgeous! Second, every time I see that place with the see through floors, I freak out. lol! There's no way I'd want to go there!!! Isn't it amazing when these kids get to be taller than you? they grow too fast!

kelley said...

the water taxi looks great...but you couldn't get me near anything with a see through the Red Barn rug...perfectly prim!

Unknown said...

Lauren, your rug looks fabulous!! And I love your punch needle! I like the idea of the walnut stain...but I'm just that way.

Don't love the glass floor so much. LOL LOL I can't even stand at the edge of a fourth or fifth floor window and look down the side of the building without my insides wanting to get to the outside of my body. LOL

Have an amazing Sunday!

moosecraft said...

There ain't NO way NO how you would get me out on that glass box thingy! Nope...not gonna do it! lol! Fabulous finish on your camp rug! :-)

Jennie in GA said...

Makes me queasy to even consider that glass box. Your two finishes are great. I especially love your camp rug. The colors are so soothing.

Unknown said...

Would never have the nerve to go out on that glass floor, never.