Monday, December 30, 2013

Finally ~

Sunday afternoon I took a little "me time" and headed to a couple antique shops about 35 minutes from home.  Lots of good sales but I only brought a few treasures home with me.  This was my major purchase, a papier mache Santa.  I forgot to measure, but I'm guessing he is about 9" tall.  I think they sometimes refer to this style as egg crate because the composition is very similar to egg containers.  Not sure the vintage ~ perhaps 40's - 50's?  Any ideas?  I did an eBay search but did not find this particular type.  

And finally found a few spare minutes and picked up my hook.  Oh did it feel good.  I planned on finishing this snow guy weeks ago but better late than never.

Found on Facebook, there is something totally wrong with this next picture but it makes me laugh every time I see it.

Husband in pug shirt.
Pug in husband shirt.

Thanks so much for stopping by.
Pug hugs :)


Earlene said...

Made me laugh too Lauren!!!!!

Jacqueline said...

No idea on the Santa.. Love the snowman rug.. another to add to my to do list.. As for the man/pug I had to look at it a couple of times to figure it out. I think his tattoo's got in my way.


Tiff said...

OMGoodness!! Thank you for the laugh, that is just so weirdly wrong!!!
Love the santa and the hooked snowman is coming along great.
Happy New Year to you.


Cathy G. said...

Lauren I saw that on Pinterest and immediately thought of you! Only because of the Pug though... not the tatsLOL!
It made me laugh! LOVE how your snowman rug is looking... that's such an adorable pattern!
I think you are in the right ball park with the date on your Santa. If I remember right I think they call it composition as they are made from a mold. He's a nice one!!
Happy New Year to you!!
Hugs and Blessings!!
Cathy G

Erica of Golden Egg Vintage said...

LOL The picture is so funny!
I have that Santa! I found him at an estate sale where everything was very old...such a fabulous house! There must have been a little girl that grew up there because all the cute old books and paper dolls that I bought say MARY ANN inside them. I just checked my Santa and he says Mary Ann too! lol I guess she wanted to lay claim to her things. Very sweet!
Thanks for sharing!
Erica :)

The Wool Cupboard said...

What a hoot! Love the man shirt on the Pug!

Your snowman rug is looking great, Lauren. I haven't been antique hunting for ages...going to make some time to go soon!

Hugs, Linda

jody said...

Hi Lauren, i saw that pug picture too on face book too funny i had to really study it.. Glad you are taking some "me" time and love your santa! I am going to get my rug out and see if i remember how to hook!! Enjoy your evening!

The Eveningstitcher said...

Love that little snowman rug, Lauren! I bought one also and really planned on hooking it for a gift this year...but next year will have to do! I love the Santa! He is beautiful..the color is great! Glad you were able to get out and about! So looking forward to Sauder in a few weeks!

marly said...

Lucky girl to have a few antique shops nearby. Glad you had some Lauren time. HNY!!

WoolenSails said...

Ok, that picture is disturbing, lol. Love your snowman piece, really miss hooking and need to organize my time so I can do that too.


moosecraft said...

OMG!!!! This is the bestest picture I've seen in a looooong time! :-)
Your snowman is hooking up nicely!

denise said...

love the snow guy! Happy New Year!!!!!!!

Primitive Stars said...

Love that Santa, wow!!!! Sweet snowman rug your working on, so cute.....That is one funny Pug picture for sure, Happy New Year wishes Lauren, Blessings Francine.

Mugwump Woolies said...

Great Santa...and your snowman is a cutie! I haven't picked up my hook in months :( Have a wonderful New Year!

Shuttle, Hook and Needle said...

Nice find on the Santa!
Hopefully this next year I can find time for a hooking project.
Happy New Year to you and your family!

Dogwood Farm said...

That picture with the pug is too funny!!
Happy New Year Lauren!

HomeSpunPrims said...

Happy new year Lauren! Those shirts are a hoot. I was thrown off by the tats a bit at first too. Hugs, Lori

Miccosukee said...

What a hoot!!! Had to look more than once to find the trick pony. You always can find something to make me chuckle..
Here's to a great 2014!! ( Even if I turn the dreaded 65, ugh!)

Janet-Olde Crow Primitives said...

Happy New Year Lauren! Glad you found some time to do some hooking. Love the Santa.