Tuesday, October 23, 2012

New Co-Worker ~

The office where I work is in a former toy factory and not the nicest place.  You've all met Sam, the work cat and resident mouser.  

Last year we knew there was "something" in the ceiling, but when a trap was put there, "it" somehow managed to steal the bait and to our knowledge did not return . . . until recently.  Never before was there any sign that he was anywhere but up above. Last week we found evidence of another four legged creature, but not just above.  Here is one of the walls where he came down.

This print (and many more) were found around Sam's cat food bowls that were nearly empty.

When we arrived at work Monday morning, our newest co-worker was already there.  Meet Rocky Raccoon.  I know, I know.  Not very original but it's the best I can come up with.  He was not too happy but neither were we.
{{Did you know that raccoon scat (don't you love that word for poop?) can be fatal to humans?}}
He was taken FAR AWAY from the building and released, but I have a feeling he has relatives and friends who are NOT FAR away.

Now for another creepy critter.  Oh, wait, just Spiderman.  Spidey and I went to Boo at the Cleveland Metropark Zoo Friday evening.     
He just thought he was so cool with all his muscles!  The weather wasn't the best, but we still had a good time and most of the rain held off until the last hour.  

Nothing else exciting in my life.  Tomorrow is hooking at That'll Do Farm so I hope I'll have a few rugs to share.
Pug hugs :)


Kim said...

It would be pretty creepy to open a door at work and see those beady little eyes. I hope my new bldg is critter-free ;)

Julia said...

I recognized the dirty foot print right away. I'm glad that you caught him but don't be surprise if he returns.
They are filthy creature although they look cute. I encounter them often on the farm and they poo or scat all over the place up stair on the high beams. They are good climbers. Their faeces carries diseases that can be fatal as it attacks the brain.
I came in the milking parlor this spring and two were scavenging in the feed that the guys didn't cleaned under the feeders and I hollered "What the hell.... and they both took off , one for the door where he made a quick exit and the other one scooted out to the corner where he tried to climb a plastic wall and couldn't climb of course so he turn toward me growling in full attack mode. I grabbed the high power water hose and let him have it and he was no match for the amount water pressure coming at him and he made a quick exit. It was frightening how fierce he became.

On a happier note, your grandson looks powerful with all those muscles. You must have felt safe with him around.


Primitive Stars said...

Hello Lauren....wow....those raccoons are everywhere....we lost our pond goldfish to them last summer...... but glad you let it go elsewhere......Love Spidey......Blessings Francine.

Dog Trot Farm said...

Raccoons are intelligent animals, cute too. I think I would be looking over my shoulder while at work wondering what might be coming out of hiding next! Better get Spiderman on the case!!! Keep us posted, hugs Julie.

WoolenSails said...

I never knew that, but I never thought about it, lol.
Love the spidey outfit, so fun to dress the kids up.


Dirty Martini Queen said...

We had them at our home in Georgia coming in the cat door, scaling the wall into the basement, opening cabinet, opening the plastic food container then scaling the wall again to escape. We made the mistake of trapping the first one in the basement and what an ugly sight that was! After that we trapped outside the cat door and relocated at least 8 to "raccoon'ville" about 10 miles from home before we gave up counting. The cats were thrilled when we finally got rid of them.
You may need to keep spidey and his muscles on stand by until you're sure the first guy didn't tell his relatives about the free party grub at your office.

denise said...

cute spidy!! denise

jody said...

wow lauren i think your co workers are so cute~
what an exciting place to work! some just done work out tho! glad the kittie is ok! have fun tomorrow hooking! cant wait to hear about it! enjoy!

Deb said...

Love Spidey!!! And that's not good about the new co-worker. Hope there aren't more of them around.

The Joy of Needlework said...

Love it all, I truly enjoy visiting your blog, keep up the wonderful post. God Bless. LenZie

Saundra said...

And raccoons can be viscious as well as rabid. I had to shoot one in my yard one hot sunny July afternoon as he was walking down my driveway. Had to come in the house to get my pistol and he was still in the yard when I came back out. Yup, Annie Oakley got him even tho he scooted up a tree.


prims by olde lady morgan said...

YIKES! Lauren, I am thinking that is the biggest mouse print I have ever seen... then, I was like wati I have seen those prints before all over our down spouts... raccoon! glad you got him! Love Spiderman!!! OLM

Farm Girl said...

At least you caught him. I hope you have fun and I can't wait until you get back to show us all the fun you have had. Wow a whole day hooking. That would be great.

TheCrankyCrow said...

Does Spidey want a date for Halloween??? ;o)

Hmmmm...I think your co-workers are much cuter (and probably much smarter) than mine were.

Ok....pour me a warm saucer of milk.... Smiles & Hugs ~ Robin