Monday, July 9, 2012

Happy Birthday ~

Today is my sweetie's birthday.  He's been called a lot of things, but the one thing I've always refused to call him is my boyfriend.  I've always said I'm much too old to have a boyfriend.  Gentleman friend, yes.  Boyfriend, no.
We have been "dating" for almost 17 years.  Time sure flies when you are having fun :)

We joke that 6 years ago, he finally made a commitment.  Here is our commitment the day we got her.

And here is our Loocie today.  

We are all a little more grey . . . sigh.

Thanks so much for stopping by.
Pug hugs :)


Kim said...

Happy Birthday Fritz. Sweet post Lauren

marly said...

Hapyy Birthday to your sweetie buddy!

The Eveningstitcher said...

Happy birthday, Fritz!! Geez .....he's so handsome wonderful that you have someone so special in your life...and you're really not too old to call him a "boyfriend"..I guess significant other is the term they use now! Hope you had fun in Milan yesterday...sounds like a great antique show! I love that little town.

The Wool Cupboard said...

Happy Birthday to your DSO!!

Loocie was an adorable baby and is still cute today...grey and all!


Julia said...

Happy Birthday to your Sweetie and best friend.

Cathy G. said...

Happy Birthday to your handsome Gentleman friend! Isn't it amazing how quickly the years go and be sure it goes even quicker when spending it with someone so cool!!!
Hugs to you both and little Loocie girl!!
Cathy G

Primitive Stars said...

Hi Lauren, Happy Birthday to the Gentlemen friend, love Loocie, so sweet. Enjoy, Blessings Francine.

jody said...

happy birthday to your sweetie and what a perfect commitment! enjoy!

Michelle~Sugar House Creations said...

Happy birthday!

Mugwump Woolies said...

Happy Birthday!

Alice ~ Folk Art Primitives said...

Happy birthday to your man friend ( that's what I call my step- daughter's friend) cause he's hardly a boy! He's definitely a nice looking friend and no doubt that he's also nice! Seventeen years is longer than many marriages last ~ cheers to you both!

acorn hollow said...

happy Birthday to your fly boy and many many more.

Andrea@That'll Do Farm said...

Happy Birthday to your "Gentleman Caller."

When do you leave for camp? Miss you at hooking.

weaverpat said...

He's still handsome!!!
Happy Birthday, Fritz!!! Hope you are having your favorite cake and ice cream and share it with Loocie.
She's an adorable girl.

Saundra said...

Such a sweet and endearing comment on both of your significant others. Birthday wishes to Fritz!


My Colonial Home said...

Oh gosh Lauren...what a love story!!

Janice said...

Love Loocie's puppy kiss!

woollylottrugs said...

Happy Birthday Fritz! You have one handsome devil there Lauren. And kiss Loocie for me. She's such a sweetie!!!


Merry Wind Farm said...

Happy Birthday to your sweetie, and many more!

Beckyjean said...

Happy Birthday to your Sweetie!!


Sassafras and Winterberry said...

Happy Birthday to your sweet gentleman friend! Lovely post!

Larkrise garden girl said...

Happy Birthday to your sweetie! I am a day late in wishing birthday wishes. California finally is having a heat wave. It even feels to hot to Hook. Lol! Hugs Cheri

Dolly said...

Happy Birthday Fritz!
Adorable pic of her giving Pug kisses to Dad. Life is good ;-)
Dolly & Cher

The Grinning Sheep said...

Lauren, your Sweetie is a really cute guy! Kathy

TheCrankyCrow said...

Happiest of birthday wishes to your sweet (and handsome) DSO...(You don't know how long I puzzled over that acronym....) ;o He has positively gorgeous blue eyes....Hope you did something special! Smiles & Birthday Hugs (to the both of you!) ~ Robin