Saturday, August 20, 2016

Hutchinson Rugs ~

I've seen pictures of these rugs in the past, but did not know they were known as Hutchinson rugs until a week or two ago when Saundra filled me in.  Their rugs were the featured exhibit at rug week at Sauder Village.  The following was taken from the Sauder Village website.

James & Mercedes Hutchinson 
"Notable collectors have been adding these humorous, quirky, and distinctive rugs to their collections for years. Antique dealers have said there are a couple hundred rugs attributed to this couple. So, who are the Hutchinson’s and how many rugs are there?
The collection, created from the 1920’s to 1950’s, are well known for their whimsical and humorous inscriptions, such as “I Love My Good Man with a Tender Devotion, But I Can Not Go His Kin!” or “Must I Always Cook For My Husband's Kin, Out From My Kitchen What Do I See, Relatives Walking 2 & 3, So They Can Eat More Heartily.” There are many motifs that are common to these rugs like -- family, couples, cupids, firemen, sailors, famous people, pets and animals; with themes such as love, everyday challenges, humorous situations or memorable events. These rugs are one of America’s largest collections of hooked rugs -- and a treasure!
The story is intriguing – filled with little known tales and debunked old rumors. The number of rugs is far greater than ever known. After many years of research, the story of the rugs and the Hutchinson family has been documented in the book Rug Hooking Traditions with James & Mercedes Hutchinson, which will debut with this exhibit at Rug Hooking Week 2016."
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Enjoy the show :)

Contemporary Hutchinson style rugs.

I have LOTS more to share with you.
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  1. I have always loved these rugs and want to make one...thanks for the great pics...did you bring much home ?

  2. What an amazing collection of rugs they left behind ! Interesting story.

  3. Oh my .... These are funny !

  4. I loved the rugs!!! They were so far ahead of their time! One of them sure must have disliked their in-laws!!! So funny!!

  5. I have been waiting for this. Thank you for the history of those rugs. I didn't understand until I read your post. I am so glad you went!!

  6. Oh Lauen you outdid yourself. Thank you so much for posting all those individual photos. I plan to steal a copy from your post and save them on a flash drive.

    Kelley, I also want to hook one. Have been trying to decide if I want to design one (but what??) or try to replicate one of the older ones.

  7. All very interesting, even though I never hooked a rug. My Grandmother Carrie made beautiful rugs and I always admired her work.

    Peace to America,


  8. Ha Ha!! I LOVE these! I had never heard of them before your thanks so much for the education! I thought I was a bit harsh at times with my inlaws...but yikes, I never called them a blight, curse or rodent!! Smiles & Hugs ~ Robin

  9. Wow!!!!! Amazing rugs Lauren, really neat.Blessings Francine.

  10. I too was blown away with the Hutchinson rugs at Sauder. It's very difficult to pick a favorite or choose one to hook on your own. My head is still spinning from looking at all the wonderful rugs in the exhibit!!

  11. Those are wonderful rugs, always love the ones with sayings and some of these are funny, cannot imagine what they were thinking when they insulted her DIL, lol.


  12. Sauder sounds like heaven.
    That was an interesting blog about Hutchinson rugs.
    Thanks lauren.


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