Monday, March 7, 2016

Monday Quickie ~

Here's my funky chicken finish.  Overall I'm happy with her, but I wish I had made the legs skinnier.  It's all hot glued together so redoing the legs is not an option.

Here's where she will reside ~ at least for now.

Annette Shaffer is so talented.  Her specialty is 3D hooked creations.  If you ever get a chance to take a class from her, I highly recommend it.  I will post a few of her fun finishes in another post, because today I am pressed for time.
Hooking should not be held at an antique shop!  Western Reserve Mercantile in Brecksville, OH, has wonderful, quality pieces at reasonable prices.  Last time I was there these mantle cats were speaking to me but I ignored them.  Yesterday I did not.  Circa 1875-1885, they are just 7" tall and have quite the attitude. 

I think they fit it well with the antique samplers on the living room mantle.  (Sorry for the glare.)
Thanks so much for stopping by.
Pug hugs :)


  1. I think your funky chicken is adorable. Must admit that after finishing something there is always something that I wished had been changed. THEN, once done and walking on the rug or walking by the chicken it becomes a normal part of live and you love it. Your chicken is very pretty.

  2. Your chicken is so lovely even with it's fat legs. Some chicks have more substance than other and yours is awful cute. Those mantel cats are a great find.
    Have a good week Lauren.

  3. I love those cats! They would have been speaking to me too. Your chicken turned out so nice. What a fun piece.
    I am so glad you had a nice time.

  4. Love how the chicken came out and the braided legs are fun and creative. I have so many cat collectibles, that I decided I needed to stop and I need to have a yard sale, lol.


  5. Lauren, I love your chicken, and the chunky legs look a bit like mine. As for the cats, they seem a little creepy to me. Must be the blank stare...maybe I am over-sensitive, but they remind me of the twins in The Shining. LOL I need to spend less time watching tv.

  6. Your chicken turned out cute. What does the backside look like?

  7. Your funky chicken is the bomb--her legs look great to me

  8. Hi Lauren, I love your chicken, how great she turned out.Blessings Francine.

  9. Wow, she is amazing and I LOVE those braided legs. So smart Miss Lauren!

  10. Fantastically funky chicken! You did an awesome job with hooking and assembly! Antique shops are my kryptonite... even if I don't buy... I can waste a whole day looking and looking and making sure I don't miss one crumb! :-)

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