Thursday, December 3, 2015

Simplify ~

Less is more.  Why can't I grasp that concept?  I bring down the boxes from the attic and each box is filled with memories.  So once again I go overboard . . . sigh.  I won't even tell you (yet) how many trees are decorated.  How many Santas I really have. 
I left a comment on Saundra's blog that I wished I had time to find my hook.  Julia interpreted it that I lost it and didn't have time to look for it.  I know exactly where it is but just can't find the time to use it.  It's my own self-inflicted fault :( 
I've had this pattern on linen for a week.  (Thanks, Kelley Belfast.)

I am so lucky to own the original ~ won on Kelley's blog.  I hope mine comes out half as good.

I haven't yet started to bind my challenge rug. 
Heck, I finished hooking this Lori Rippey stag rug a year ago and it's still waiting for its binding.
With all that being said, I'd best get back to decorating.
Thanks so much for stopping by.  Please take a moment to pray for the latest victims in California. 
Pug hugs :)


  1. I love Kelley's rugs and have a few that she made for me, a couple are out now, for the holidays. I am sure your rug will be wonderful.


  2. Lauren, I cannot wait to see photos of your lovely home all dressed in it's holiday finest... you know how I feel about your hooked rugs just love them...I confess I have an addiction to Shiny Brite ornaments, old or new, I just cannot have enough...Thinking of you...

  3. Hi Lauren,
    I think it is wonderful that you cherish and treasure all your special Christmas pieces and since Christmas only comes once a year why not "deck the halls" along with the rest of the house!! Enjoy each memory!!
    Warmest Hugs~

  4. Your rug is beautiful - focus on the positive - you have the stag rug hooked, your house is is in Christmas spirit and pugs are well taken care of ;)

  5. I'm putting out greens and a few favorite goodies...and the tree. I haven't even started yet! Love all your rugs.
    p.s. I didn't even get out to cut berries this year. First time in years and years I didn't go berry hunting on Thanksgiving!

  6. After all the decorations are out you can prop your feet up with a glass of eggnog or wine and enjoy. THEN you will have time to hook with a crackling fire and warm heart.

  7. Morning Lauren, love your rugs, they are so beautiful. I always hang old shiny brute ornaments on my tree, wonderful memories of my childhood.Blessings Francine.

  8. Lauren I think you have the right idea... do what you enjoy and brings you so much happiness! I love looking at your rugs and can just imagine how each ornament and Santa you bring out for the Holidays brings smiles!!
    Hugs and Merry Christmas to you!
    Cathy G

  9. I haven't even started decorating yet :-((. I probably won't see my hook for all of December. Hope you get your cute little snow guy done!!

  10. I am not putting out as much this year. We have a wedding here in January. I feel like I am going in ten different directions, but knowing today in national rug hooking day, I think I will forego everything. :) I love your pattern. It looks like so much fun. I love that deer too. I liked it last year. Have a lovely weekend.

  11. I have outside wreaths up and that is it so far. We haven't even bought the tree yet. I intend to keep it simple this year but like you when the boxes come out - who knows?!

  12. We have been scaling down for 10 years. Then there is always something new coming in. Can't win. Yes, we are definitely keeping it simple...can't do it all anymore.
    Enjoy the day with Peace for All,


  13. Too funny .....I just can't simplify either....too many treasures I love !

  14. You know I'm not much into prim hooking or stitching but I love that snowman ! what a cute guy. I looked under that link but I didn't find anything Kelly sells, just her blog. I love all your collections - it's always a treat to see your Christmas decorating. I think it's going to be year #2 with no tree for us. We are going away someplace where they actually have cold weather (I hope) so we can enjoy the season and It seems ridiculous to put up a tree at this point. We have our wooden one out and lots of Christmas collectibles here and there to make it feel like Christmas. Let me know about that funky little snowman - hope you enjoy your weekend - Mel

  15. Lauren, don't change a thing. Just bring it all out and live in the moment. You can't spread yourself too thin. Hooking isn't always a race to be won but to be enjoy and savoured in little moments. ( by my standards anyway) lol...

    I'm so glad your hook isn't lost. A hooker without a hook is a wild woman to be feared...

    I always enjoy seeing your home being transformed into Christmas magic. Now have that glass of relaxation and stop whipping yourself and maybe start whipping that reindeer.
    Hugs and kind regards

  16. I am pulling the last few loops on my challenge rug I need to tweak a few things but I should be done in time. but not much Christmas out.

  17. I am a beginning rug hooker and I just love Kelley Belfast's snowman. Does she sell the pattern, and if so can you tell me where?
    What is the name of her blogspot? Hard to believe Christmas is only two weeks away!

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