Sunday, December 6, 2015

Pulling a Few Loops

Sunday greetings to you :)
My weekend has been a busy one.  A primitive show and a craft show yesterday.  I got some sleigh bells to take to Tuba Christmas next Sunday (bells are a MUST) and picked up a few locally made Christmas gifts.  Decorating, decorating and more decorating.  Pictures will come in a later post. 
I even found time to pull a few loops.  Can you believe (well, you hookers will believe) that I did not have one wool suitable for a snowman?  I won't hook with white and I didn't want the snowman to be too primitive.  Thankfully Monday I headed to Connie's and she had the wool I was looking for.  I didn't realize that I had overdyed all my light colored wools.  Here is the wool I came home with . . .
. . . and here is my progress so far.   

Maybe I'll get him done in time for gift giving.
Thanks so much for stopping by.
Pug hugs :)


  1. lauren he's just the perfect color. I didn't understand until just recently what my teacher was telling me about how hard it was to find light colors so I'd better snatch them up when I saw them. You've been a busy gal decorating, shopping and still managed to find a few minutes to hook.....I need to take a time craft management seminar. LOL!

  2. Hi Lauren. I just love it. Looks great.
    Looks like you have been getting out and around quite a bit too........LOL. Life is is a must!!

  3. Great progress Lauren. You picked the perfect shade of wool ! A little here and a little there and he will be done in no time ;)

  4. Mr. Snowman is looking very handsome! :-) You're hooking him pretty quickly... Kelley's designs are awesome!

  5. I love that wool and I love your snowman you are getting a lot accomplished.

  6. Perfect! Sounds like you are keeping busy...looking forward to seeing your decoration photos.

  7. Great snowman! I am so far behind in decorating! I've had my greens up for a while...and we got the tree yesterday...and here I sit. Better get to it!

  8. Wish I had the ambition to get back into hooking.
    Snowman is so darn cute!!!

  9. Glad you had time to pull some loops and I think your snowman wool choices is perfect. He's looking mighty dapper too.

  10. He is a handsome snowman!! Great wool choices!!

  11. Hi Lauren,
    He is just WONDERFUL!! Love the color you chose.....just perfect!!
    Enjoy your week!
    Warm Hugs~

  12. I love that wool too. I did the same thing, I have over dyed all of my light colors. Thankfully I have a order coming today. I love your snowman. I am so glad you got to pull some loops. Have a lovely week.

  13. Love you little snowman Lauren!!
    Have a great evening!!

  14. Love the snowman! Keeping busy with those loops!


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