Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Whole Lotta Nothin' ~

What a week it's been.  It has been the work week from hell.  Just crazy busy and lots of unhappy people.  The phone hasn't stopped ringing.  Yes, the city is riddled with potholes.  I will log your complaint but I can't tell you when it will be done.  No, our department doesn't handle high grass complaints.  Let me transfer you.  Let me check to see if that ballfield is available and I will email you a permit.  ARGH!!!  The clincher today was that I inadvertently called someone ma'am when it was a sir.  No, you didn't tell me your name was Gary and I do apologize.  My name . . . Lauren.  He wanted to be sure he knew it so when he called the newspaper he was going to tell them how I spoke to him in a condescending tone of voice.  OK.  Done with my rant :)
I bought these old typewriter keys a while back, but the tag just cracks me up.
I finally got the label sewn on the pug rug.  I hate labeling rugs almost as much as I hate binding them.  I couldn't sew a label on straight if my life depended on it and I even took the time to baste it.

I found this on Facebook.  I've seen it before but it always makes me smile.
I finally finished hooking my robin mat and I am actually getting ready to bind it.  I haven't pulled a loop in days.  I have so many rugs already on linen and many more patterns ready for linen, but just can't decide what I want to hook.  I need to do a better job planning ahead. 
Thanks so much for stopping by.
Pug hugs :)



  1. That label makes perfect sense to me. Scary, huh? Sorry you had such a bad day but at least you're not as disturbed as Gary.

  2. It does sound like a crazy week. I hope tomorrow is a better day. I did laugh though. Good job on the label.
    I haven't pulled a loop in weeks either. I need to just do it.
    Have a nice evening.

  3. Nothing worse than handling phone calls, I don't think I would handle your job too well;) I also hate doing labels and always put them on crooked.


  4. Your label is divine - you're too hard on yourself. Dealing with people can be so messy ... Hope your week turns around !

  5. people love to be tattle tales!! :)

  6. Lauren your roads are in better shape than Michigans but I bet you were ready to pull your hair out with all those calls.

  7. Ahh work how wonderful it is. I love your keys but what are you going to do with them?

  8. Hang in there, the weekend is almost here.

  9. So sorry about the irate people with bad attitudes giving you a hard time. Just tell them to go around the pot holes...

    I haven't pulled a hoop lately too. My grandfather rug is finished except I need to hook my initial. Silly me didn't thought to put it on the pattern... I need to whip and bind it too.
    While you're taking complaints, could you sent someone to fill a very deep pot hole , no it's more like a sinking hole in front of my neighbour's house. It's deep enough to loose a chid in it. Our city crew filled it up last spring but it's back. And I want this filled ASAP darn it....and my name is Julia.

    Seriously, I hope that people will be kinder today. Warm HUGS.♡

  10. So sorry about your bad week... My sister works in our village office... people sure can be difficult. Have to admit I had a little chuckle about calling the sir a ma'am.... done things like that myself... sounds like he didn't appreciate it, but that just makes it all the more funny to me, especially when it sounds like he was a curmudgeon!! Nothing like a complete set of keys, minus 1. Hang in there, Lauren. Hope your days get better....the weekend is coming.

  11. Wow, sounds like someone peed in Gary's Cheerios that morning. Never fails that there is always not just one thing that goes wrong during the day, it is a collective number stacked on the camel's back. Sorry you had a bad day and hope today is going better.

    You do the nicest labels, and your hooking ain't bad either gal. I like the variegated wool you used for whipping the edges ~ did you dye it?

  12. Lauren, so sorry about your week. But look on the bright side -- you made an old friend smile like a kid at Christmas when she opened your package and found all that beautiful wool. And she still is smiling for that some one was me!!

  13. Sorry to hear about the crappy week Lauren, hate that. I love the label, such wonderful work you do.

  14. Speaking of bad, darn computer, now to finish, Blessings Francine.

  15. Oh Lauren, I've been there. I was in Union negotiations today. Sigh.....

  16. Hey GT.... Can you believe I found my way here...finally? But me thinks I feel outta synch even more...."haven't pulled a loop in days?" Hello....I gotta admit it's been over a year. Can you believe that?? EEEK....(gotta locate my cutter b/f I even think about picking it up again...) And "labels"? What the heck?? I've NEVER done a label.... So there....further proof I'm the evil one and you're the good one. But I had to smile when I saw the "L" and the "R" so prominent and in such close proximity in your bag of keys.... Can't shake me GF... ;-) Smiles & Missed Ya Hugs ~ Robin

  17. Oh man - don't you wonder why some people just don't have a sense of humor lol
    Hope he doesn't put it in the paper...seriously...what a jerk.

    You are too hard on yourself my friend.
    Rug hooking as in any other 'hand work' is not to be perfect like it came from a cookie cutter assembly line.
    It is perfect as it is and personally I don't see crooked at all.


  18. And that is why I live retirement. The customer IS NOT ALWAYS RIGHT!!!! And I hate making labels, too....welcome to the club.

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