Sunday, April 6, 2014

Hooking F-U-N ~

A few pictures from Thursday's hooking with the Hidden Hills Hookers.  These cool footstools were a group project started last year.

LOVE this face :)

Beautiful finish!

Hooked carpetbag.  I should hook one some day but I'd probably never sew it in to a bag :(

Yesterday's hook in put on by the Wool Yankers was great fun.  All the proceeds were being donated but I can't remember to whom.  (Oh, how I miss my mind . . . lol.)

Enjoy the show . . .

Can you believe this was a first rug?

Go Buckeyes.

I thought these were fun.

One pattern . . . all so different.

Proddy sunflowers and a dimensional crow.


I've made a little more progress on What Nots though not as much as I had hoped.  The orange is more muted in person (sure wish it was possible to capture the true colors) and yesterday at the hook in everyone said that I should keep the orange bird, so for now I will.

I got lucky and won this sweet little canvas bag and wool swatches in the Chinese raffle.  It will be perfect to carry my hook and scissors.

Well, Sunday is quickly slipping by and I have much to do.  #1 on my list is finishing those darn income taxes.  My taxes are pretty simple but I always procrastinate.  I started them at least a month ago . . . sigh.
Thanks so much for stopping by.
Pug hugs :)


  1. Fun is right! Those rugs are gorgeous. I have always wanted to hook a foot stool. I'm inspired. I need to start looking at yard sales etc for a stool

  2. Gorgeous pictures Lauren. The one with the red barn and its shadow in the water really caught my eye.Sure looks like you had a great week end with your "hookers"
    Hugs Marg

  3. Thanks for posting the eye candy!! I never tire of looking at hooked rugs!!

  4. the footstools are gorgeous! love your rug Lauren, coming along nicely ~ colors are perfect! Thanks for showing all of those rugs too :)
    Happy Hooking!

  5. love the rugs and foot stools!! :)

  6. So many beautiful and colorful rugs. Thanks for sharing.

    Congratulations on your winning. I love those Door swatches. I won one last year.

    Your rug is coming along so nicely.

  7. So many beautiful and creative rugs, love the stools, always seeing old ones in the thrifts.


  8. Wow!!!! Those rugs are all so beautiful, the footstools are amazing, Francine.

  9. Wow. The color variations on one design - what a difference.

  10. All so wonderful but I simply love the sunflower one. Yours is coming along nicely. Warm Blessings! Amy

  11. Looks like a wonderful hook in, Lauren! Thanks for sharing all the great rugs through pictures.. I LOVE the way your rug is looking!

    Hugs, Linda

  12. Oh so much talent!!! congrats on the win. I finally finished my taxes.

  13. These rugs are fabulous ! Loving those footstools.
    Your rug is coming along nicely. ;)

  14. Yuck, income taxes!!! We lost three deductions so we really had to pay in, we weren't paying attention. I love when you post pictures of rugs. My keyboard doesn't as I seem to drool. :) Not really. These are just lovely. I hope you have a nice week.

  15. The footstools look like a lot of fun. I never thought I'd have a need for them, but looking at these pictures a purpose suddenly came to mind. I can definitely use those. When I look, I'll look for pretty hooked ones like these!


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