Sunday, December 8, 2013

The Best of Intentions ~

For a fleeting moment when I posted the first of my decorating on December 1, I thought it might fun to post a quick picture every day until Christmas.  Haha!  Here it is a week later . . . sigh. Maybe if there were a few more hours in the day . . . or if I slept a few less hours . . . or if I was home for more than a few hours a day.  We all know the road to hell is paved with good intentions :)

Anyway . . . I have been busy decorating and have most of it done except for the big tree.  Once again I failed miserably at the less is more concept.  The only thing I did not put up is my antique feather tree with MANY ornaments but I'm feeling a bit guilty about that, so that is subject to change.  

A box of tarnished ornaments purchased at a show this fall for only $1.00.

Now sitting in an old bowl.  I think I need to add a few red berries or some holly.

More old ornaments in an antique trencher with an angel from internet friend Judi ~ a former Buckeye and mom to three pug boyz.  

Plastic Santas and reindeer ~ same vintage as me :)

Snowballs I made 5 - 6 years ago in an old carrier with reproduction redware plate.

Great graphics in an old cigar box.

My mantle.  The samplers and hogscrapers are antique.  The Santas are not.  The sampler with the greens is the first antique sampler I purchased, probably 25 years ago.

I've also started a little hooked mat that I hope to give as a Christmas gift.  It's Maria's (Star Rug Company) latest snowman.  He's only 9" x 12" and cute as can be.

Thanks so much for stopping by.
Pug hugs :)


  1. I totally love looking at all of your amazing decorating and I love that snowman. I know it is hard for you, but I enjoy every bit.
    Have a wonderful week!

  2. You got a lot done and a whole lot more than me. Your decorations are very nice and it looks so Christmassy.
    You still have lots of time left get that rug done. Nice pattern.

  3. I love your decorating. It is certainly more than I have done.
    Maybe tomorrow.
    Homespun Elegance

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  5. Looking great Lauren, love he sweet snowman rug and all your Christmas displays, Blessings Francine.

  6. Wonderful decorations and love the snowman, that is a cute design.


  7. It looks so merry and bright at your house! I love the old ornaments...the more tarnished and imperfect the better. They remind me of my childhood Christmases and bring back such happy memories. Love your samplers...they look wonderful all grouped together.
    Great snowman!

  8. Everything looks lovely. And that little hooked snowman is the cutest rug I have seen in awhile!!
    Merry Christmas!!

  9. Hmmm. That snowman's shape looks familiar. I love the ornament groupings AND the treenware holding them.

  10. So many beautiful displays Lauren! Thanks for sharing your home with us!

  11. Everything looks wonderful!! You did a great job Lauren.
    I love the hooking you are working on.

  12. It all looks wonderful. I was a bit overwhelmed when I started going through the christmas too, but somehow it's love all your vintage treasures. Warm Blessings! Amy

  13. "Same vintage as me!"... lol! You crack me up! Love all your decorations! The mercury glass balls with greens is a classic. Love the look! I had my eye on the Snowman patterns from Star Rug... he's just so dang cute!

  14. love it all of course. I still haven't hooked much lately it seems I have something to do all the time. not sure if I am very busy or just very disorganized.

  15. Love all your decorations! I am liking your newest rug, too. Great work.

  16. Your vintage decorations are perfect, Lauren! Your home pictures always look so warm, homey and inviting.

    Can't wait to see the snowman rug when finished...Maria's designs are great, aren't they?

    Hugs, Linda

  17. Love your holiday touches Lauren and that snowman hooked mat is adorable! Yes, make sure you show us a picture of him when you're done!

  18. Looking good Lauren. You've been busy. So far this season I am the Master of Less is More. LOL

  19. Remember that you also have to put back all the decorations after the holidays. Since I spend Christmas day at my son's and with grandson there, I don't put out nearly what I used to.

    Darn I love that little snow guy of Maria's. I fell in love with him when she posted it on her web site and think I'm going to need to have one myself!!!!!!! Watch out Maria, here I come.



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