Tuesday, October 1, 2013

More Lakeside F-U-N ~

Here is a sampling of the rugs being worked on at the Lakeside retreat.  For the most part, I will not attempt to acknowledge who hooked what, but I do know this one was finished by Rita . . .

. . . and this one is nearing completion by Sue.

I believe Laura was hooking this one . . .


. . . and I know this one is Deb's.  She was one of several hooking a footstool cover.

Melissa is hooking an antique adaptation from an old issue of Create and Decorate Magazine.  In person, her colors were very old looking.

Lee was hooking a chicken rug based on a photograph she found on Facebook and adapted to a rug with the owner's blessing.

Such a fun rug.  I believe it's a Rebecca Erb pattern.

Our dear Katie was hooking this using torn chenille strips.

Probably my favorite rug being hooked at the retreat.  Bobbie, the Evening Stitcher, was doing a marvelous job on this Spruce Ridge Studio pattern.  It is a rather large rug and she made great progress.

Another fun rug.  Look closely and you will see many dogs.

I finished hooking the "birthday rug" and started this Magdalena Briner adaptation.  It is about 12 1/2" x 21".  I finished it upon my arrival home and it's ready to be bound.  Am I turning over a new leaf?

Saturday morning we were having a rug throw down and a gentleman walked by and asked what was going on.  I think he was mighty impressed to have met so many hookers :)  He graciously took pictures of the group, though some had already left.

Thanks so much for stopping by.
Pug hugs :)


Earlene Landis said...

What fun...I spy Lauren anbd Bobbie!!!
Can't wait to start doing stuff like this.

Kim said...

Fun rugs! I bet that man ran home and told all his buddies he was hanging with a group of hookers. Lol

jody said...

Lots of fun rugs! Great colors and looks like a wonderful group of HOOKERS! Enjoy your evening!

P.J. said...

They are all wonderful works of art!! Thank you for sharing. I love the witchy feet being worked by Rita; do you know the designer? What a fun Halloween piece.

Primitive Stars said...

Hooker heaven, wonderful rugs and time well spent, Blessings Francine.

Dog Trot Farm said...

What a fun retreat...how I would enjoy "hooking" with all you wonderful ladies...I would be hard pressed to choose a favorite they are all lovely...Enjoy the day, it is going to reach eighty degrees in Maine today!

acorn hollow said...

some amazing rugs. I like the chenille I may try that at some point. I like the look.
looks like a wonderful group of hookers.

Saundra said...

What fun rugs and some with lots of color. Your taste of the dark and primitive are like mine. That flag really had an old look to it. And hooking with chennille? Bet that was a challenge. Thanks for the show.


Mugwump Woolies said...

What a lot of talent! Your rug is wonderful...such a great primitive look to it.

Julia said...

Lauren, you are becoming a real hooking machine,and your rug looks beautiful. It must be all those retreats and hook-in that you've been to lately that is rubbing off of you. We are so lucky to have you show us all these rugs.
Nice group of hookers, maybe the man will bring his friends next time, lol.

Enjoy your day.

Gayle said...

WOW! I'll bet you LOVED being surrounded by such talented ladies - fun times! I can't decide which rug I like the best, but the colors on the sunflower rug are awesome!

Maria said...

Thanks for the rug show. It is always nice to see what others are working on, maria

Raymond Homestead said...

Thanks for sharing, love to see all the different ones!

Nikki Thomas @ Furry Bottoms said...

that Halloween rug, the first picture is AWESOME! Well, they all are awesome, truthfully, but I really liked that Halloween one!

dogwoodfarm said...

Wonderful rugs! Thanks so much for sharing!
xo Louise