Sunday, June 23, 2013

New Old Sampler ~

This weekend was a local community's annual Aunt Tique and Uncle Junque sale.  I thought is was just city wide garage sales.  I did not realize dealers set up outside the local antique shops.  I found a couple small Christmas gifts, some silver plate spoons for a good price, and this antique sampler ~ for a GREAT price.  I can't believe it was still there this afternoon.  The frame is modern but I have no doubt the sampler is antique.  There are five alphabets.  Four have no letter "J", but the one at the bottom does.  No date, but signed Sally Parkhurst.  The verse reads:
"A person modest meek and wise
 Is lovely in a Christians eyes
 Be sure thou quickly sin forsake
 And Christ alone thy portion make".

This vintage papier mache bunny was only a buck so I couldn't leave it behind.  It reminds me of the email that circulates every Easter where the chocolate bunny missing his ears says "What?".

I purchased this crock for only $15 a few weeks ago.  Good deal, right?  Only if you don't mind a crock badly cracked and missing most of the bottom.  I don't :)

Still nothing on the frame . . . sigh.
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  1. That sampler was a great find. love the bunny and the crock I am still whipping my rug so noting for me either it has been so muggy here not moving much.

  2. Hi, Lauren,
    *Love* your new sampler! What a great find! The crock is beautiful too, I wish I could find some crocks that I could afford.

  3. You got some great finds. The sampler is wonderful. Crocks are so high priced now, even when cracked. I'm sketching out a new pattern tonight

  4. Congrats on all your antique finds. I, of course, L O V E the sampler. Such great colors. Enjoy all your goodies! ~Nan

  5. What fun!! Isn't it fun to dream about what is going to be on your frame next? Today I have thought about it all day.
    I love that crock and that sampler is to die for, it is so awesome looking.
    It sounds like you had a nice weekend. I am so glad you gave that sampler a home.

  6. Wow, you really did good on the finds, love them all....How fun was that Lauren, Blessings Francine.

  7. I would call that a great weekend to find all those treasures. I'm happy that you found another antique sampler for your collection. I hope that you don't run out of room soon,lol.

    You have been so prolific with all your rug hooking lately that is nice having a little break before the next round of hooking frenzy.
    Wishing you a great week.

  8. Lauren, Love the Easter bunny that you got! I have lots of Easter things, but sadly didn't get hardly any of them out this year. I've been trying to liquidate a lot of "stuff" from my house, but not ready to liquidate that stuff quite yet!

  9. Wonderful finds! Bunnies, crocks and samplers...three of my favorite goodies to collect! You did very well!
    Have a great week,

  10. What great finds !!! Love the Bunny missing his ears ! It is so much fun to get treasures for such bargains !!!

  11. Oh my gosh, were you lucky!
    Homespun Elegance

  12. Nice finds!! I love the names of the yard sales. I've never heard that before.

  13. good morning Lauren, wow! i also cant believe that that wonderful ol sampler was still there! im always amazed and thankful we dont all love the same things.. well i think most of us bloggers love the same things tho. love all your finds and also congrats on getting the rugs bound and hung up! i haven't been hooking/anything lately... did get out my to finish projects and have them staring at me tho..
    glad the fur babes are doing well! enjoy your day! it looks like a beautiful day here.

  14. Wonderful eye gurlfren. You purchased some great deals and the sampler was a mega find. I'd have grabbed that bunny out of your hand if we arrived at the table at the same time but didn't know who you were. Such a cutie!!!!!!! Uh, I lied; I wouldn't have grabbed it out of your hand but the thought would have crossed my mind.



  15. WOW, Lauren! Great finds!! Love the sampler and the crock (I don't mind "well loved" either!) You are one lucky antique-er (is that a word?)!


  16. Wow Lauren, you did really good!!
    xo Louise

  17. Hi Lauren,
    Loooove the sampler - what a great sale everywhere huh?
    What a beautiful crock/minus the bottom


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