Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Hump Day ~

Hump day again.  Time is a flyin'.  How can we be nearing the end of June already?  ACK!  It's scary how quickly the time passes.

Another rug hung.  I'm on a roll :)  This was a class taken with Alice of Folk Art Primitives.  The rug has been done and bound and sitting in a basket for at least a couple years.  I'm a little slow sometimes.  Well, more than sometimes :)  

I love the way Ellie raises one ear like she is really listening to me.  What???

I never did hear from two of the give-away winners, so I've drawn two more names.  Glenda and Farm Girl, please email me with your necklace choice and snail mail address.

Still nothing on the frame.  I'm beginning to feel like Saundra over at Woodland Junction.  At least I'm in good company!

Thanks so much for stopping by.
Pug hugs :)


acorn hollow said...

yes you are in good company. When I went to work today I said ok what day is it huh huh.
My little down syndrome girl just giggled and whispered hump day. Great rug glad you got it hung up.

Glenda said...

Yeah I won something I will go and decide and email you! Thanks so much! You are very generous .

Alice ~ Folk Art Primitives said...

Yay!! Your sheep rug now is on display!! It really is a nice rug, Lauren!!

Jacqueline said...

As you are growing up you hear the expression "the older you get the quicker time flies". Well now I know it is true. Just not enough hours in a day to accomplish all I want to do, or maybe it is not enough energy in a day to accomplish all I want to. Either way I always have something driving me to finish.

Kim said...

I giggled when I saw the proddy sheep because I was guessing it was close to a couple of years :) That's my girl! Lol It feels good when its ALL finished.

Karen said...

What a great rug! It turned out so cute. One day I will do something in PRODDY! Looks so fluffy.

Goodness, don't these gals want anything fun things free...glad you drew two new names and congrats to them!

Love that puppy...but he's probably not a puppy anymore, right!!!

Julia said...

I'm glad that you finished another rug. You are putting me to shame. Your prodded sheep rug looks real nice.

Congratulations to the lucky winners.
Ellie is a sweet girl.

woolwoman said...

Yes it is scarey how fast the weeks fly by - past mid June already heading rapidly towards the 4th of July. Love the backround in this sheepy rug - regarding your previous post - OMGosh - you are flying on the finishing and displaying of your rugs around the house is awesome. Loved seeing your gardens and the accessories like the trike make it all the more appealing. Hope your summer is going well - Mel

Farm Girl said...

Oh how I wish I could hop over to your house so you could teach me to do a back ground like that rug and I love how the wool looks. That is a lovely little rug.
I love that expression on Ellie's cute little face. I am almost positive she is talking to you too. Thank you so much, I have walked around all morning with a silly grin on my face.
Have a great Thursday!

The Wool Cupboard said...

Ellie is so her little "mustaches" and her expressive face.

I absolutely love the background on your proddy sheep rug...lots of action!

Congrats to the two new winners!

Hugs, Linda

Primitive Stars said...

Wow, who would think it was that hard to giveaway something, LOL!!! Congrats to the girls, Ellie's ear too.

Saundra said...

OMG I LOVE your proddy rug just hung. And precious Ellie with the listening ear. Shadow used to do that and I would laugh out loud every darn time she did it. She was just too precious with the twisted head and ear up.

Well gurlfren, I'm a happy hooker now, as I've a pattern on my frame.


Miccosukee said...

Had to laugh at the title of today's post. Reminds me of the GEICO ad with the dromedary strolling around the office happy because it' know the rest.
Seeing the pictures of Ellie bring back such warm memories of Molly my Jack Russell. She was such a love and I had her for 14 years. Now I am getting the urge to get another terrier to keep Piper company. Still in the thinking stages.

Shuttle, Hook and Needle said...

Ellie is so cute! Love the sheep rug. Glad you finished it.

Louise said...

Hi Lauren,
I love how you hooked this rug, background and sheep are wonderful!! And Ellie is such a sweetie, a great little companion!
Have a wonderful day!
Xo Louise

Jacqueline said...

Whoo Hoo just wanted you to know that I received my first magazine today from your lovely give-a-way.

Thanks - I am off to grab a coke and relax with the magazine.