Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Cat & Mouse ~

Cat and mouse is finished.  It's about 12 1/2" x 29".  This was a fun one to hook and just my style ~ no detail :)  And . . . AND . . . I've even sewn the binding on.  Yeah!  All that is left is the label and I'm SO FAR behind labeling my rugs . . . sigh.  I though maybe I could get better color taking the rug outside and photographing it in the shade.  Nope.  Still not good color but I think the ones taken in the house were even worse.  For the cat I probably used 8-10 dark wools.  In person they are much more subtle.   

The wool on the left is what was used for the mouse.  I don't know the maker or the name, but the wool on the right is a Rebecca Erb called Phantom Trail, I believe.  I need to get more of both for my stash.  They are great wools when you want an old look but don't want to mix several wools.

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Pug hugs :)


  1. Don't you just feel proud when you actually complete a project (or should I say not as guilty feeling looking at the other 5 that you have started and not finished) LOL

    Your rug is primitive and just my style. Thanks for sharing

  2. And the binding is sewn on already?? Oh Lauren, I am impressed!! Cute rug.

  3. That is a cute mat and one I'd enjoy hooking as well. Once I did hook an antique adaptation with a cat and mouse but it was bigger. And I sold it.


  4. Morning Lauren, what a sweet rug, the pattern is it, Francine.

  5. I like that cat and I like how it turned out. Your hooking is so so nice and I like how much movement you get out of your hooking.
    I haven't learned how to do that. :)

  6. Hi Lauren!

    Did you "GASP" say you had even added the binding!?!?! I'm impressed! LOL! I, on the other hand, haven't even picked up a hook since the hook-in in Amish Country!!! I've been busy helping my daughter with graduation stuff - like pulling weeds up in her yard, shopping for decorations and party supplies, etc. Now it's time to focus on my yard. We're almost done so I'm hoping I'll finally have time for my stuff! Love the rug!


  7. Hi ho the merrio, a hooking we will go... Nice going...You are turning into a lean, mean, hooking machine.... and the binding is done....
    The cat looks purrfect and I love the color of the mouse. That wool is so nice and versatile.

    Getting the colors to come out true is really a challenge I find.

    Pat yourself on the back and congratulations for getting another rug finished.

  8. Oh I love your prim cat he looks very happy to have caught a mouse.

  9. Lauren this is great. I am so very determined to start hooking in the Fall .

  10. Your Cat and Mouse rug is wonderful, Lauren, LOVE the background.

    The wool you used is perfect...don't you hate it when the photograph makes the rug look so different from the way it looks in person?

    Another great rug!

  11. Hi Lauren,
    Your Cat and mouse rug is so sweet, love his little face!
    I think the wool on the left is Heavens it Betsy. Great choice for the background,
    Have a great weekend!


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