Monday, February 4, 2013

A Little More from Sauder ~

A few more rugs from Sauder Village.  I know the first two rugs are the work of Heidi of Wool Nuts and the maybe the third one, too.

I'm sorry I cannot tell you who created this.  It was about five feet  tall and two feet wide.

Enlarge the pictures to see the details.

Even the tree trunk and branches were constructed using wool.  Very different but very cool!

This is one organized hooker.  My woolly worms are usually in a plastic bag or lying in the bottom of a basket.

Sauder was great fun but it's back to reality. 
Lots more snow in Ohio today.  I hope that darn groundhog was correct in his prognostication that we will have an early spring!
Thanks for stopping by.

Pug hugs :)


Kim said...

Lol, I keep the ziplock company in business with stashes of cut strips. Love the rug show.

acorn hollow said...

great rugs as always! I hope that old ground hog was right too. come on spring we have been cold.

WoolenSails said...

Wonderful rugs and I love how she did the owl rug, nice use of different materials.


Primitives By The Light of The Moon said...

Such wonderful rugs so much inspiration! Thanks for sharing :)

Primitive Stars said...

Oh Lauren, love when you post all the beautiful rugs,enjoyable to see such talent, Blessings Francine.

Saundra said...

Sheesh, what a fantastic job that person did on the owl. I'm forwarding a link to your blog to a couple girls who will go bonkers over that. Thanks for sharing all the rugs.


Char said...

Lauren - looked like a good time. And as usual - beautiful rugs! Sigh... Well, someday in the not so distant future I'll have time to work on my rugs. Let's see if I do! I'm with you - tired of the snow, tired of the cold... So, tell me - am I missing something...I'm seeing more and more pictures of rugs with hand torn wool strips. When you hand tear them - do they come out the same size all the way down? Does it give the finished product a different look?


The Evening Stitcher said...

Love those rugs! Heidi really has some neat colors she puts together. It's always so inspiring to hook with others. I love watching Katie hook the best....she is the fastest hooker this side of the Mississippi..and we all LOVE KATIE!!!