Sunday, January 6, 2013

Another Weekend Bites the Dust ~

Ack!  Another weekend is over!  How do they pass so quickly?

Sometimes I think I have ADD.  I am knee deep in Christmas boxes.  I wish I could say that today I would spend the day putting things away until I am done.  Nope.  Not me.  I tell myself I will pack 2 or 3 boxes, then check my email, maybe hook a little, read a few blogs, and then go pack a few more boxes.  I guess that's why the Christmas decorations are still not all put away . . . sigh.

Here's a recent picture of Annie and that face only a mother could love.

A picture of Ellie taken just minutes ago.  Look at the size of those ears.

Here's the progress I've made on my belated Christmas gift.  It is an adaptation of "Pup" found on page 44 of the Magdalena Briner Eby book by Evelyn Lawrence and Kathy Wright.  The book states, "Helen Kellogg thought the pup rug was charming.  Even though the colors are brighter in this rug, Helen believed it to be an early 1900's Magdalena rug with the trademark striped semicircles and a favorite dog theme." .  The original rug is 19" x 26".  My rug is 12" x 20.5".


The original rug taken from the book.

Since I'm a "ten minute hooker" I've also decided if I want to get any cross stitch done, I need to become a "ten minute stitcher".  Here is the progress made on my Pineberry Lane pattern.  I'm sure some of you will recognize the pattern.  I know I've seen this on completed on several blogs.

That's about it.  Back to work tomorrow.
Thanks so much for stopping by.
Pug hugs :)


  1. those dogs are so cute. your rug is sweet too.
    I think I am going to unhook some of my rug not loving it. I am happy to say I took the day to put away 90% of the Christmas and organized a closet.

  2. Ellie looks like she's playing peek-a-boo. Cute pup rug. Someone's gonna love it. Instead of thinking of it as a late Christmas gift, consider it early valentines ;)

  3. Your rug is looking good. The dogs are so cute!!Have a good week!

  4. I love sweet Annie`s face....cute peek-a-boo your pup rug, wonderful job, better get my hook out and start something......Blessings Francine,

  5. You made me tired hearing all you did today, lol.
    Love that photo, so funny.


  6. Hope those two are getting along better and your friend is getting well. Regardless of the needle type, your projects are great.

  7. Never fear....I am here to make you feel tons better. I haven't put one stinking Christmas decoration away....and with a new class starting Wednesday, well, let's just say it ain't looking good. (But I beg to disagree ET....they do NOT go down more easily than they go up.....they never seem to FIT in the same boxes they came out of, or gee, you forget that the one goes in the box under two other boxes behind the big box....Arghh!) And, you're pushing me over the edge stitched all that in 10 minutes??!! Lord have mercy. What am I doing wrong??? (Love the design....yes, it looks familiar, but it's not in my stash...YET....) ;o) Good luck with the advice to give you here....I have all I can do to manage the menagerie I have going on....Lately the dogs have been relatively behaving, but the two cats are instigating cat fights every hour it seems. I had to literally sleep between the two of them last night. :o( Have a great new week - hurry up and get your Christmas down so you can come and take mine down.....Smiles & January Hugs ~ Robin (PS - love the sock monkey hat....I got Lil' Crow a Grinch hat with the long flaps like that....gee, he didn't want me to take a photo these days....)

  8. Morning
    Oh how sweet are your furry kids.
    I too love you rug.
    Woolie Hugs

  9. OMG, I had to laugh out loud with that picture of Ellie ~ it looks as tho she is trying to hide her face from the camera.

    Rug is coming along nicely and looking forward to those 10 minutes making more progress for you each time.

    I remember the feeling of flying weekends and hated Sunday afternoons because I knew it was up early and to work the next day.


  10. Oh that face!!!Glad to see Annie and Ellie are accepting one another. I do hope your ill friend is feeling better and regaining her health. Wonderful projects going on, I'm getting into this "ten minute" hooking. Have a lovely day, Julie.

  11. My Christmas decs aren't down either. Ho hum. Maybe today...

  12. Hi Lauren~

    Love your pup rug!! I love cross stitch too, but don't have the patience for it.

    Have a wonderful week~Becky

  13. Sweet pups and the rug too!! When I finish the quilt I am working on maybe I need to start hooking 10 minutes a day. I usually sit by the fire with a morning cup of coffee but my 10 minutes would turn into an hour or more if hooking!

  14. Thanks for the silly pup pics! :-) Your hooking AND stitching look mahvelous! I think I have that Pineberry Lane pattern somewhere around here...

  15. Don't feel that you are alone with Christmas decorations not being put away. My tree is still up and my nativity also. I've managed to take down some of decorations on Friday. I'll bring my totes up from the basement and I MAY put some away tomorrow.

    I've been filing business papers for the year end and got a good chunk done Saturday and today but so much more to do. It would help if my husband was more organized but he's a paper stacker, lol.
    I can't change him no matter how hard I've tried. lol...

    Annie still looks sweet even with the tongue is hanging out.


  16. Lauren,
    Obviously, I'm behind on "blog reading". Had to scroll down quite a ways to figure out the "Annie situation"....oh my....two girls...I feel for you. We've never had very good luck with 2 girl dogs and I can see how it is hard, not having a fenced yard and having to put them on leash seperately to take them out. Wish I was "Ceasar" and had some expert advise for you.....

  17. I am getting caught up on every one's blog.Love your cross stitch and your pup's rug hooking and the real one's look good! Hugs Cheri

  18. Love the picture of Annie and Ellie! So cute!

  19. Lauren,
    You know what a sucker I am for cute pup pictures. Your pup rug is precious. Wish I could pull loops as well as you.
    Having owned a Jack Russell for many years, I admit Ellie's ears are a bit large, but all the better to hear when you start fixing their dinner.
    take care,


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