Sunday, November 25, 2012

Having Blogger Issues???

Can anyone help me???  I am trying to upload pictures to my blog, and keep getting the message that "I am out of space and am currently using 100% of my 1GB quota for photos".  When I go to check my status where they want me to buy more, it says I am only at 19%.  I really don't want to pay a monthly fee if I don't have to.

Have any of you had that message?  Did you have to purchase more storage on a monthly basis?

Any help would be greatly appreciated!!!
Pug hugs :)


Larkrise garden girl said...

Hi Lauren since I show large pics I had to buy more but it was very little and not every month.Ask Julia she had to buy more picture space too. Cheri

Julia said...

Hi lauren. Since I always make my pictures extra large, I had to buy some space as I had used all my space. I do it by Visa and I had to pay $5. Canadian. I didn't mind paying that. Now that $5. worth last for quite a while. Now I get a warning and I agree to purchase extra space if I want it and it is automatically set to purchase extra space without interruption. The first time I couldn't upload any pictures for I think something like 24 hours.

I know of many bloggers who are purchasing space to upload photos.

So you are not alone but I know the feeling of being cut off... not fun...

Julia said...

To clarify, I had to wait 24 hours after I had purchased it through Visa, it probably has to do with the banking transactions goes through after midnight. I know that it's like that when I pay bills online. If I pay a bill that is due on the 26th, I have to make the transaction on the 25th, a day ahead of the due date.

Hope that I've s eased your mind a bit.

earlene said...

Some one posted that a few days ago and it was recommended to just go back and delete some pictures. I have not had to pay a fee...yet.
Do you know what has happened to google connect? Not showing up on anyone. Have you noticed?

Carrie P. said...

I had this happen to me. I found out that if you resize your photos to at least 800x? you will not get that message or use up your space.

Farm Girl said...

Hi Lauren, The got ya! You can resize or do any of those things but it won't matter. I pay 2.49 a month. Does it bug the heck out of me? Yep every single month but now I can load pictures for the rest of my life as big as I want and I don't think I will ever use the amount of storage I get for 2.49. I keep telling myself it would be good motivation to start a selling blog and sell my rugs so I could pay for my storage but so far I haven't done it. :)
At least we don't have to pay for our blog yet.
I hope this helps.

Farm Girl said...

It it 2 dollars and 49 cents. :)

Kim said...

I've never had it happen to me. I try to keep my picture sizes between 300 - 500 pixels

Mugwump Woolies said...

Hi Lauren,
I did the same thing Julia did. I kept getting the message you are getting about not enough space...then I finally followed the directions they gave me and bought more space for $5.00.
Have a great week,

Saundra said...

Oh oh..... guess I can expect to get that same dang message soon. So then what I'll do is go back in and delete some pictures.


Jen Manuell said...

I've never had the message....but I also edit all of my photos down before I post. Usually 1000 pixels wide, but sometimes only 800, depending on the subject, etc.

Regardless, it's interesting to read more about it.... ;-)

marly said...

Picasa is Blogger image storage and if the photo is more than 600x800 pixels, it counts toward your total. Resize your downloaded photos through Paint by 50% and check your settings in Picasa to change uploads to 600x800. Delete some older photos to get below your maximum storage room and then make sure any new ones are 600x800 or less. That size doesn't count toward your storage total. In Windows Photo Gallery, click "info" and it will show the size, or right click and check Properties. No need to pay.