Monday, November 5, 2012

Creative Workshop ~

As I mentioned yesterday, I attended a two day workshop hosted by Ali Strebel and Maria Barton.  We were given this . . .

. . . and shown some examples that they created from these simple designs.  (Somehow I did not get pictures of all the samples.)  The rest was up to us to plan what we wanted to create ~ with lots of help and encouragement from the two of them ~ and others in the workshop.
A wallhanging . . .

Look at the sweet felted cardinal in Mr. Snowman's pocket.

. . . purse

. . . pillow 

. . . mat with tongues

. . . mat with a braided edge

. . . a woolly hooking bag

Some examples of Maria's work . . .

I've had this Santa pattern for months and haven't even started it.  Maybe I'll get it done for next Christmas . . . sigh.

. . . and Ali's.

Isn't this turkey FUN?

In my next post I will share what the hookers were working on.
If you haven't already done so, PLEASE get out and vote tomorrow!  
Pug hugs :)


  1. What a great class! Ilove those rugs.
    I will be voting and because we are a tiny little town we use paper ballots and I will be counting ballots.

  2. It looks like this was a great workshop and It nice to see what you girls came up with.

    One more sleep and you will know the outcome of this election.
    Thanks for sharing these beautiful pictures with us.
    I hope that your weather is nice tomorrow for voting.


  3. I would have loved to be there, such wonderful pieces and a wonderful class to be creative and use different mediums in one piece.


  4. Wow, seems like sensory and optical overload with all the things those creative gals had to share. BUT, can't wait to see more.

    HEY, I WILL be out there and vote in the morning!!!!!!


  5. Lauren~ They are all just simply amazing! Warm Blessings!~Amy

  6. Morning Lauren......oh what great hooked them all, the snowmen, pumpkins are so sweet.....Thasnks for sharing.....Blessings Francine.

  7. Oh my the creativity from just those simple line all are so creative.
    I'm finally getting my sheep to look like a sheep! Doing the background now - really don't want to put it down but other things need doing. Never realized how addicting it can become.

  8. Wish I was half as creative.... all those hooked pieces are wonderful.... The turkey is fabulous and so creative!!

  9. Wow!Wonderful creative designs,love them all!Hugs,Jen

  10. awesome stuff - what great prim hooking - it was fun to see everything. cheers! mel

  11. It looked like great fun, Lauren! Some of my other friends went and loved it, too!!!!! I got to see Maria's samples first hand when we went to Ligonier a few weeks ago and loved each one! They are definitely creative gals!!!!!!

  12. Oh man Lauren that looks like all the different finishes...those tongues are calling to me...I'm turning green with envy here...

  13. Hi Lauren...such wonderful creations! Love seeing all the work of these talented ladies! Looks like such a great time!

  14. Love them all Lauren!! Thank you for sharing. I bet you had a wonderful time.



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