Sunday, January 8, 2012

It's Just NOT Right ~

So many bloggers have commented on the lovely weather in their part of the country.  Here's my niece Elise with daughters Sophia and Alexis ~ in C-H-I-C-A-G-O!!!  Sophia without gloves, hat, or jacket ~ in January.  It's just not right!

This was blooming in my yard ~ today ~ in northern Ohio.  It's just not right!

Daffodils peeking through the soil.  It's just not right!

It's still even too early for my snowdrops to have buds.

This is today's temp and the next few days it's supposed to be even warmer.  I'm not complaining, but it's just not right and I'm afraid one day we will be in for a rude awakening!

I've found a new blog you MUST check out.  Well, actually she found me and then I found her.  Robyn's blog is Mug Wump Woolies.  Please stop on over to see the rug she is hooking.  If you have time, check some of her older posts.  Her home is beautiful and so tastefully decorated.  Any one who collects stone fruit is okay in my book :)

Not much else is happening in my neck of the woods.  I've gotten all the Christmas decorations down except for the big tree.  That was supposed to be done, too, but I guess it wasn't meant to be.  Maybe tomorrow . . .

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  1. Lauren, I haven't even thought to check my bulb flowers - they are probably up too. Probably means they won't come up again in the spring. ~Ann

  2. It has been an amazing winter here so far too. I'm not complaining, I love it. Good on the heating bill and I've only had to shovel once. It will come but at least the season feels shorter already.

  3. Uh-oh, what's going to happen to the bulbs coming up when the snow and ice come? Will we lose them? I don't remember this happening before.
    Oh dear, and we are going to get slammed any time now with snow, I have a feeling (in my bones!).
    Have a wonderful day, Lauren.

  4. Yes Lauren I'm thinking the rude awakining is coming to.Some of my flowers were blooming.Everything is kinda confused.I don't mind the cold and snow.Warm Blessings!~Amy

  5. Wow! I can't believe this weather either! We have been mild here too... I'm happy for that... as I don't like the snow in amounts that needs shoveling! lol!

  6. I was shocked to see some of my bulb flowers coming up, too!! Wonder what will happen in the spring when they're SUPPOSED to come up!! Crazy weather all over the country..... Don't mind a little snow and cold, but don't want to really get pounded either. I'm sure we will before winter is over, however!

    Off to check out the blog you suggested!

  7. Weird here in CA rain in December, almost unheard of.

  8. I love your pictures! Your plants look like their slowly waking up.HUgs Cheri

  9. Mother nature is all mixed up. I think that she 's got Alzheimer this year. I sure hope that she doesn't bring us winter in Summer.

    I haven't checked my bulbs but I'm sure that the ground is frozen because there's ice on the path to the barn but we have just a light snow cover.

    Great picture of your nieces. It looks like great fun to skate with light clothing. Hugs. JB

  10. Well you've had several bad winters in a row so you deserve a milder one. But...hope you all aren't in for a rude awakening!!

  11. I'm not complaining but it is weird - We were talking at Xmas how it was just a given - you walked home from the bus stop and couldn't decide if you wanted to sled or ice skate after school thru the winter! Our local hardware stores even had ice skates wehre you could go and trade them each winter for a different size - Now who the heck even sells them? And sleds for that matter! Anyway - I"m happy not to be one a one-to=one basis with my snow shovel!

  12. Lauren, I'm afraid you're right about that rude awakening. I see my daffodills standing tall and know that I should take some pine shats, mulch or something to cover them up so they don't freeze and not give good flowers in the spring. Well, maybe tomorrow.


  13. It has been mild here as well...but I do recall some days in January a few years when we actually got in the upper 50's and low 60's - but they were years when we had tons of snow. This year, we don't and as much as I am not fond of cold and snow, I'm afraid that it might wreak havoc on plants and such when winter does come...because we know it shall come....Hang on and batten down the hatches!! Smiles & Hugs ~ Robin


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