Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Rugs and more Christmas Stuff ~

Can you believe another year is almost over?  Where, oh where, is the time going?  It seems like just last year everyone was in a panic over Y2K.
Just a few more Christmas pics to share with you. 
Here's my collection of pressed (?) cotton Santas from the 1930's, I believe.  All are vintage except for the guy on skis in front.  I added the tall Santa with the star on his belt to the collection this year.

Some of my Victorian Christmas lights (aka fairy lamps, fairy lights).  I leave these out year round.

One of the hooked mats just recently completed.  I finished the hooking weeks ago, but his little black legs were lost.  One suggestion was to proddy them, too.  I tried that with different lengths and widths of wool strips.  I didn't like how it looked.  The other suggestion I received was to use twigs for legs.  I'm not sure I like how it came out, but I was out of time to come up with Plan C.

Finished only two days after Christmas . . . not too bad, except that unbeknownst to me, the gift exchange was the week BEFORE Christmas.  Oh, well . . . sigh!  Tomorrow it will be in its new home in Michigan. 

I had a wonderful Christmas Day spent with family!  Lots of good food and wonderful gifts.  I am truly blessed.  I hope you are, too.
Pug hugs :)


  1. Lauren, Love the fairy lamps, I would leave them out all year too! The Santa's LOVE THEM!!! Rugs are wonderful! OLM

  2. I have some of those santas I love your collection. I have 2 fairy lights a clear and a blue. I love how you have displayed them.
    So glady you had a wonderful Christmas.Your right the days are flying buy except the 100 days we are waiting to pass.

  3. I like that proddy sheep...and it's wonderful background! And the wood legs are cool.
    The fairy lights are beautiful! I used to use glass spooners as candle holders in our last house. They were beautiful.

  4. I love the fairy lights, I didn't know they were called that. Your rugs are very nice! Glad you had a nice Christmas!

  5. Love the little lights in your windows!! Never heard of fairy lights!!!

  6. Ooops, posted under a different account. sorry about that. Just wanted to say that I love your collection, and so happy you had a Wonderful Christmas!

  7. I like the texture on this sheep piece, it looks great!

  8. What a nice Santa collection. I've never heard of that kind before, I like vintage 30's and 40's items.
    Love the sheep rug, the way you left the wool strips loose is adorable.
    And I really love the last pic of the black dog rug.

  9. Hi Lauren~

    Beautiful rugs~love the sheep. I've never heard of fairy lights, but they are beautiful.

    Have a good night~Becky

  10. Hi Lauren, I always learn about new things on your blog. I love the santa collection and never heard about pressed cotton Santas.

    I'm wondering how did you attached the wooden legs on your sheep? He kind of extra special.

    Happy New Year. JB

  11. Hi Lauren,
    LOVE your sheep! I think the legs look great ... I just started a large rug ... winter scene ... so expect it to be finished some time in the spring of 2013 ... if I'm lucky!
    Hope your Christmas was fun ...
    BTW, love the dog mat!

  12. Fairy lights? I like them! I like the look of the twig legs on the sheep too! And the puppy mat is wonderful! Now relax a bit and enjoy the remaining days of 2011. :-)

  13. Love those old santas.Funny I always think of you when I see old christmas..smile..I think the sheep rug is fine.Glad you had a nice Christmas.Warm Blessings!~Amy

  14. Cute idea to put the dowel legs (looked like dowel) on the sheep. And the pup mat turned out great. I remember you showing the wool you chose for him and will definitely use your idea as the texture turned out nicely.


  15. Lauren, Everythong looks great! Your sheep is wonderful.Cheri

  16. I enjoyed your pictures, as usual. It is a glorious time of year.

  17. Oh, I just adore your Santa collection and the fairey lights are so very pretty. Wonderful job on the proddy sheep and I do like the way you did his legs, very nice. Happy New year, Julie.

  18. Great rugs. You certainly have that pricey technique perfected - the sheep is beautiful and very crafty with the legs!
    Your Christmas collection is amazing. Each time you show us something new.

  19. Love, love, love, your Santas Lauren...they're getting harder to find, aren't they? And your fairy lights are precious....I've read about them, seen them in magazines and on shows, etc., but have yet to ever see one in person in these parts....strange when you think of it. And your mats are wonderful! I do like Proddy - I'm just skiddish about doing it. And your pup rug is just as sweet as he can me - the simple color scheme is amazing with all the textures you used and your incredible directional hooking. Love it! Wishing you a great rest of the week....Smiles & Hugs ~ Robin

  20. Me, too ~ never heard or saw fairy lights ~ I like them a lot! And your rugs are cute ~ love that little dog mat and of course, the proddy sheep!! Nice job on the proddy ~ nice and full!

  21. Hi Lauren,

    So pleased to read you had such a wonderful Christmas!! Love the proddy sheep - I like your solution to it's legs!!

    I wanted to stop by and take a moment to wish you and yours a very Happy and Healthy New Year!! hugs!!


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