Sunday, September 4, 2011

Salt, Pepper and a Peanut ~

Welcome friends!  Thank you for stopping by.  I hope everyone is having an enjoyable holiday weekend!
I am back from my get-away to southern Ohio visiting my dear friend Wink.  It was a quick visit, but well worth the drive.
In 1985, I believe, we took a trip to eastern Pennsylvania to antique.  On the trip out, every antique shop/mall we stopped at seemed to have an over-abundance of salt and peppers shakers, so as a joke when we returned to Ohio, I started her her very own collection.  Now, even 25+ years ago, that was so "not her".  The criteria for a pair was that they had to be cheap ~ and TACKY!  Back then, cheap was $1-$2.  Today, I will usually pay not more than $3, though I have made an exception or two for extra tacky!  Each year for her birthday and Christmas she gets a set and if I see her at some point during the year, she gets a pair, too.  A few years ago, she kindly asked me to stop giving them to her because her salt and pepper shelves were full.  Being the good friend that I am I told her absolutely not.  I could not break tradition!
Here is the set she received for this visit.  It's boys sitting on the commode and one says "Billy can" and one says "Billy can't".  Check out the expression on their faces!  Tacky!!!


Here's a good part of the collection.


There are a couple pair of feet and rolls of toilet paper . . .


Chamber pots . . .

Brides and grooms and when you turn them around the couple is old and fat. . . .  (I have not kept track of what I have bought and sometimes get a duplicate.)

My absolute favorite and most expensive pair to date.  They fit the tacky bill, but I had to give $7 or $8 for the pair, but I just could not resist!

* * *
I absolutely love this picture of my Peanut who was adopted a few months ago.  Here she is sunbathing on the beach in South Carolina.  Mom Ronna reports that they love her to pieces and she is a doll, though still incorrigible in the car.  (Oh, she was SO BAD!)  After trying to condition her for the car ride without success, they had to resort to doggie valium to calm her down enough for the ride!  Isn't she just the cutest thing?

As much as I don't want to, I must head to the vegetable stand and grocery store since I am having a cookout this afternoon!
Pug hugs :)


  1. You are so funny! What a priceless collection. I'm always strangely drawn to the salt and pepper shakers...they are so interesting and mostly bizarre. But, I've managed to hold back, because they can get so out of hand! LOL

    Peanut is looking adorable as ever!

  2. The boob salt and pepper is SO TACKY that it was worth the extra expense!!! LOL! What a hoot....or is it hooter!
    It's so nice to see a picture of the adorable Peanut enjoying her vacation.
    Have a great cook-out!

  3. Ah Peanut - so cute! I was thinking of you and Wink yesterday when I was working the antique co-op and your story about the S&P's - they have a dealer with tacky salt and pepper shakers (well i thought so) - Then doesn't someone come in and buy a set - LOLLLL - Sounds like a wonderful trip even though it was short! Thanks for the pics - good laugh!

  4. The picture of Peanut is so cute. And I love that collection! I've never managed to collect these, but when I find an orphan, I send the one I find to a friend. I love these tacky ones, especially that last one. Definitely worth paying a little extra money!!

  5. Lauren...those s & p shakers are a hoot! I was sitting here cracking up, especially of the naked lady. My Uncle Leonard in Alabama had that same set, proudly sitting on his coffee table, much to the disapproval of my Aunt! Thanks for the memory!!

    Wink is so lucky to have a good friend like you, bringing her "tacky" s&p shakers!!

  6. Lauren, I see that you are mischievous and I bet that you keep your eyes peeled when you go to thrift stores to find some unusual S&P everywhere you go just to irritate your good friend, ha,ha. I started to collect rosters and people were giving me lots of dollar store roosters and it was getting out of hand and I had to tell them to stop. I only collect those that I like to have and now I stopped buying roosters before my collection got out of hand...

    Peanut looks charming as usual. JB

  7. Lauren, great collecting it is addicting finding treasures to bring home. Have a nice Sunday. Cheri

  8. Too, too, funny Lauren.....So glad I'm on your "other" gift list! ;o) Great collection though...and it gives you something for hunt for. I just hope I forget about this post before I go antiquing again or fear I'll have my eye out for tacky s&p's too! Argghh!! That is an adorable photo of Peanut!! I think she should be a calendar girl too!! Hope you have fun with the cookout....way too chilly here for that today!! Happy Sunday! Smiles & Hugs ~ Robin

  9. oooh la la that is some kind of shakers.
    I am so glad peanut is doing well.
    hope you had a gread cookout.

  10. Oh, those are perfectly tacky. What a fun collection and a great tradition between friends. (those boobs crack me up).
    Peanut is a stunning bathing beauty. So, what did you make for supper?

  11. Lauren, It is amazing how each little Pug has his/her own expression and look! I don't see that in many other breeds, but it is certainly true of the little Pugs you have shared with us...and they are all adorable.

  12. After viewing your last photo of the tacky salt and pepper shakers, I will never look at shakers the same way again! Where in the world did you find the BOOB shakers? LOL. Little Peanut looks very happy and content and appears to be enjoying her new life. Blessings, Julie.

  13. TACKY, TACKY, I love that you do that kind of stuff. What a sense of humor! You're right - the boob pair was worth the price. Love the pictures of Peanut. Hope that Eema is doing well. Keep in touch.

  14. I loved all those salt and pepper shakers...very unique, especially the boob pair. But I really love your pug header, those fabulous eyes, and all the pug rescue pics on your sidebar. Oh, and Peanut, sweet. I am owned by 2 wonderful pugs, Winnie and Cleo.

  15. This just made me chuckle! My mom passed away 2 years ago and my sister and I had to sort thru 2700 pr. of S&P shakers and put them up for sale. Some were just so darned cute that we could not part with I have a tote in the basement with some and bring them out now and then. They sure do make me smile! She loved the whole collection and had them all catalogued!!! You have found some unique ones. pj


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