Sunday, August 22, 2010

The Animals of Sauder ~ ~ ~

I'll start the tour of the rugs from the Sauder Village rug show with one of my favorite rugs from last year. I was so happy to see the rug received an honorable mention in Volume XX and was once again displayed at Sauder.
Here is Taylor with her rhinestone collar.
And to make me smile, there was another pug rug this year.
More animal rugs in no particular order.

It's amazing how the same pattern can look so different.

The rugs side by side.
Thanks so much for stopping by. I have more rugs to share so please stop back again soon!
Pug hugs :)


  1. Thanks for sharing I loved seeing the animal rugs...lots of talent!

  2. Wow, some amazing rugs. The pug rugs...awesome.
    And thanks for your sweet comment.
    Big smile :) Kim

  3. I thought of you immediately when I saw the pug rug at the show! Time for you to design and make one.

  4. The Duke and Leeka one is so real! Looks like the dog on the left is going to jump right out of the rug! Thanks for sharing!

  5. Of course I LOVE the pug rugs. Amazing work that second one. The others are really nice also. I need to get hooking again - as soon as the weather gets cooler. :-)

  6. I knew you would love the sculpted pugs ~ that's a great rug ~ as are they all!!!

  7. Wow, the detail on those animal rugs! Fantastic.

  8. I bet you were thrilled to see those two pug rugs! Looks like it was an awesome show.


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