Tuesday, June 15, 2010

I've fallen and I can't get up ~

Many of you have already met my foster pug Eema, a 7-8 year old former puppy mill momma who I foster through Ohio Pug Rescue. We've started a new game we play each time we go outside. She'll start to walk...
...oh, she's getting tired...
...she's down...
...now she must roll over and get a belly rub! (But she's not spoiled ~ honest!)
Instead of the Flying Nun, she looks like the Flying Pug.
Sometimes it gets a little frustrating when I need her to take care of "business", but it's hard to be mad at her because she is so funny and brings a smile to my face. She just doesn't understand the concept of "Hurry up. Mommy has to go to work!".
I hope these picture brought a smile to your face. Thank you so much for stopping by. I do appreciate each and every one who reads my blog and a big thank you to those who take the time to leave a comment.
Pug hugs :)
Lauren (and Eema)


  1. LOL I am smiling and giggling. This is familiar scene in my yard as well. Millie is too spoiled to walk so after about 2 minutes she just sits down. And refuses to move until I pick her up! But then I get a little lick on the nose and I forgive her!

  2. I think they all have us wrapped around their little paws! LOL They know just how to make us smile! Have a great week Eema and Lauren! Cathy G

  3. She's just too cute (and spoiled rotten)! hehehe!!! Look at that smile on her face!

  4. That's a very pretty smile, and she does definitely want a tummy rub. How could anyone refuse that sweetie?!

  5. She is one cute charactor! Oh Lauren - you do make me giggle with your post titles - I just never know what to expect! Give that "flying pug" a big hug from me!

  6. Hi Lauren,
    You have it made! You can pick her up! Try a two hundred pounder that does that.... Love her smile! made me smile!

  7. What a cutie-pie!!!! I think every one needs an Eema in their lives! (And a Lauren too!)

  8. I LOVE the expression on her face--the pug smile is hilarious!!!
    Miss Kae pulls the "I'm tired" trick all the time!! Billy loves to be outside --she HATES the grass, espcially if it's wet. She'll do her bizness on the edge of the driveway and then come sit on my feet and grumble until ! pick her up. She's not manipulative or spoiled at all!

  9. What a ham she is! I think that she has you wrapped around her little finger, don't you? And she has such a sweet face.

  10. Funny! My mom has a pug that is probably close to 10 years old now, she snorts, scratches, huffs and puffs, tries to bark and still tries to jump up on my lap but she can't seem to get up any more.

  11. LOL! Yep! Got me smiling here!!! Pups do the silliest things... it's nearly impossible to have a bad day if you have a pet!

  12. Significant otherJune 16, 2010 at 4:37 PM

    I second what Mary said!

  13. Hi Lauren, your little ones always make me smile and giggle.
    I love the smug looks they have like...'who me?' lol
    Thanks for sharing these bright spots in your life.
    Animals can make a dark day seem bright.



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