Sunday, February 14, 2010

Three legged stool ~

Welcome ~ thanks for stopping by :)
I hope everyone had a good Valentines Day! My DSO was so kind. He gave me cash to buy some wool. I guess he likes me being a!
I appreciate all the kind and wonderful comments I received on my last post. I think for the time being, I am going to leave this rug in front of the cupboard and put the cats in front of the wagon. (This is one of the rugs I did not hook.) I agree with Kathy (woolfind) that I needed a wider rug there and this one is a bit wider. I also think Debbie (woolensails) has a great idea that I should hook a primitive floral. Anyone know of a good pattern to use?
The first few years I hooked, everything I hooked was small. I was too intimidated to try anything large. The first time I hooked a mat that was about 12 x 12, I thought I would never finish it! This is the second piece that I hooked. It measures 6 3/4" x 6 3/4" and was hooked in April 2005.
It is the perfect size for my little three-legged stool.
This little stool has the most wonderful patina. I love the way the legs are pegged into the top. You can see that the top is cracked.
It has been reinforced over the years by the addition of nails, screws and a wood piece under the top ~ and it still wobbles.
Happy Valentines Day to everyone.
Pug hugs :)


katie said...

I love your little heart mat.
The stool is wonderful, and yes great patina.

Dan said...

I love the heart rug! You did a wonderful job! I also really like the stool! Happy Valentine's Day! ~Dan~

Joanne said...

Love that heart rug - so cute. That stool brings on drool - really cool! (Okay it's late and I'm tired!)

Karen/My Colonial Home said...

Great looking stool when you put the rug on it!
For some reason I would think a larger piece would be easier to handle...but never having done it I'm probably way wrong. what you did.

Linda said...

Lauren ~ The great little stool is the PERFECT spot for your heart mat. The colors are great, too. I love small projects for the (not quite "instant") satisfaction of seeing a finished rug. Love the prim look of your stool and mat togehter!

Kaye said...

The mat looks perfect on your stool, and the stool is just so primitive. Love the patina and the whole thing. Wonderful piece, what a find.

Sheila said...

Great little rug and the stool is a treasure!

Margie said...

I just love that little mat on that cute stool!