Sunday, September 16, 2018

Weekend ~

Yesterday's hook in at the Catawba Island Club on the shores of Lake Erie was heavenly.  Glorious sunshine and blue skies  ~ perfect for sitting near the water and hooking.  About half of the attendees hooked outside and enjoyed the lake breezes.  Others preferred the cool (COLD to me) comfort of the hooking room.  Rita, hostess with the mostest, knows how to put on a first class event.  Next year's date is already in my calendar.  I was asked to vend and despite its small size (it is limited to 40 hookers), I was pleased with my sales.
Since this picture is much better than any I took, I snagged it from friend Jane's Facebook page.

That is a heron sitting atop the rock.  He spent a good part of the day coming and going.

I started a new little rug but can't show it.  I don't want to ruin the surprise.
Today I attended an outdoor show in Wellington, a quaint town a half hour south.  Got some mums at a great price and a few fun things for the garden.
This is carved sandstone.  The neighboring town where I was born, Amherst, Ohio, is known as the sandstone center of the world.


Just a fun piece.  I need to find something to raise it off the ground.  For $10 I could not resist.

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Friday, September 14, 2018

Rebekah L Smith Applique ~

I finally have progress to show on my applique from a recent class taken with Rebekah.  Considering the class was two weeks ago, you'd think I would have more done.

I use a Lap App when doing applique.  You can learn about it here if you are not familiar.  I find it handy to rest my hands on it while stitching.  It has a pocket for your scissors, magnet for your needle and posts to hold spools of thread if desired. 

I also discovered if I add this little cutting board (there is a piece of rubbery shelf liner underneath to keep it from slipping) I can rest the piece on it and not worry about stitching it to the cover.  The battery operated light clips on and is a welcome addition to these old eyes if I am not sitting under an Ott light.  There are many of these lights that can be found on Amazon for under $20.

That's the quick update for today.  I need to pack my goods for tomorrow's hook in.  I also have goldenrod simmering on the stove to do some dyeing.  I will show you the results in another post.
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Tuesday, September 11, 2018

NEVER Forget ~


Monday, September 10, 2018

Woolkeepers Hook In ~

Thank you all for your kind comments on my last post.  I, too, can't believe I have been retired for two years.  I still don't have my blog set up where I receive emails so I can respond to you personally.  It's on the very long list of things to do.  Julie wanted a tutorial on how I put the little mat on the picnic basket.  I will show pictures.  Really not much explanation needed.  I normally don't use rug tape, but thought maybe it would be better for attaching the elastic.  I made an X with the 1" black elastic.
Then tacked it in each corner.  Easy peasy.

Put Woolkeepers hook in on your bucket list of hook ins to attend if possible.  There were so many wonderful vendors selling much more than hooking related items.  Of course I neglected to take many pictures.

Betty (aka the dress form) anchored our booth.  We were rather amazed that we did not get one comment about her in the 2 days. 
Our booth ~

My things

Melissa's amazing creations
This rug was displayed in the booth of Elinor Barrett.  One of the most stunning rugs ever.
A few pictures from the rug show.

Isn't this the best necklace ever?  Frozen Charlottes and bisque head dolls.  She said it was quite heavy but I just LOVE it.
I could have spent all my profits and more, but I restrained myself.  Just a few drab wools and a necklace all from Jan Adams.  Oh, and a Maggie B applique pattern that I did not take a picture of.
These fun little tins are Christmas gifts ~ though I may end up keeping one.  They are Altoid tins covered with polymer clay, I think.  They were so creative.  A very unique gift.

Even though 5+ hours from home, I knew quite a few attendees.  Hookers are a rather close knit group and we travel to many of the same hook ins.  It was so nice to speak with hookers I see maybe once a year and I had quite a few people introduce themselves as Facebook friends or blog readers.  Thanks to all my blog readers who had such kind things to say about my blog.  It is why I continue to do it.

Next on the agenda is a small hook in on Saturday on the shores of Lake Erie.  So far the weather looks near perfect to sit outside listening to the sounds of the lake while hooking.  I have been once again asked to set up my wares, but I don't have to sit at my booth all day.

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Thursday, September 6, 2018

Two Years Ago Today ~

I retired.  These two years have flown by.  I must say, I absolutely LOVE retirement.  I highly recommend it :)  I have not been bored a single day and life is usually crazy busy.  I just wish there were more hours in the day or I could get by on less sleep. 
I finished binding the little hooked mat for the picnic basket.  I wasn't sure how to attach it to the lid.  I knew I didn't want to glue it on. 
 Connie of Wool Yankers suggested going from corner to corner.  I found some 1" black elastic and it worked perfectly.  The mat sits snugly on top.  Now I just need to label it and it will be ready for Christmas giving.

Bright and early tomorrow morning, friend Melissa and I are heading 5+ hours to Danville, IN, for the Woolkeepers hook in.  We are excited to be vending there for the first time.  Wish us luck and safe travels.
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Sunday, September 2, 2018

Hotel Millersburg and 3 Days of Hooking Heaven

Millersburg is a quaint town in the heart of Ohio's Amish country.  The Hotel Millersburg, built in 1847, hosts many quilt retreats, but I believe we were the first hooking retreat held there.  It was so much fun and our fearless leader Heidi is already planning one for the spring.  You can be sure I will be there :)
I love that they still use keys.

The nearby courthouse.
Antique walnut bed in my room.  It was at least six feet tall.

A few scenes about town.  The bad thing about the downtown is that it is the crossroad of two state highways and the noise of the truck traffic is deafening.

An ornamental pepper plant in a window box.  So cool.

Rug throw down.

Linda's gorgeous rug.  Such beautiful colors.
Lynn's rug started in a class with Keith Kemmer. 

Lee's rug begun in a class at the ATHA Biennial with Anita White.

Heidi's chicken rug started many years ago and closing in on the finish.

Sue's colorful bird with quillie flowers.

Peggy's fun fall rug and Connie's AMAZING rug of her "boys" started in a class at Sauder Village during rug week.  She is working from photos of her boys and they look so alive.

Another of Lynn's rugs.  She chooses the most amazing "dirty" colors.  I want to hook like her when I grow up :)

I came this close to finishing my rug at the retreat.  It measures 19" x 17 1/2"

I finished it the night I came home.  Now to work on the binding.  One more Christmas present to cross off the list.
I for one am not happy that summer is coming to an end.  Yes, it is a little too hot and humid for me at the moment, but I will take it over winter any day of the week.
Happy and safe Labor Day to all.
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