Friday, September 22, 2017


Another week has flown by.  Summer has ended (boo hoo) and fall has begun.  This week we are having the weather we should have had in August.  I'd love fall if spring came after it :)
My house still isn't totally done.  The siding guy probably has about 10 minutes worth of work left to do.  Now I need to stop dragging my feet and get busy.  I need to paint around the front door (decorative trim that I did not want sided), paint the front door and get a new storm door.  Plus look for new light fixtures and a mailbox.  I am vending at Hooked in the Valley in Wooster, OH in a few weeks so have been trying to get things made for that.  It is supposed to be more than just a hook in, so I am trying to get some finished goods made.  I have been concentrating on little hooked pieces.  Here are the sunflowers almost done.  I just need to add the old bed spring. 
Pumpkins hooked with hand torn strips that need their "Betsy style" patchwork backs put on.  I wasn't thinking when I drew out the small pumpkin on the bottom.  I did not leave enough room to hook a border around it, so I will need to just add a wool back to it.

Pumpkin mats.  I still need to add a couple rows to make this a rectangle.
I like the beaded edge on the first little pumpkin but I sure don't enjoy doing it.

A little crow mat.  I decided I had enough pumpkins.
One just never knows what will sell, so I've got my fingers crossed I'm making things people will want to buy.
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Sunday, September 17, 2017

A Perfect Day ~

Yesterday the weather was just perfect.  An absolutely wonderful day to spend hooking on the shores of Lake Erie.  A hook in was held at the Catawba Island Club.  A first class hook in hosted by hooker Rita Thomas.  Thanks Rita for a little piece of hooker's heaven :)

Here's a fun finish to my chicken rug.  I turned the linen forward as if I was going to whip it with wool yarn or wool strips.
I then tore a piece of wool to cover the linen that was showing.  The piece was twice as wide as the exposed linen so that it would cover the front and back.
I then whipped it with cotton string (?) purchased from Cee Rafuse, Early Style Penny Rugs.  I'm not sure how durable the rug would be if placed in a high traffic area on the floor, but I do like the finished look and I got many questions at the hook in on how I did it. 

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Friday, September 15, 2017

A Handy Dandy Hooking Tip ~

Ever have a piece of linen that just isn't quite big enough to attach to your frame?  Need a little extra room in order to hook that last row or two?  I know you can sew a piece of fabric to your linen to allow you to use it, but if you don't want to drag your sewing machine out, this is the perfect solution.  Head to your lingerie drawer and find an old knee high nylon or pair of pantyhose.  Cut it up like this.

Attach it to your linen every couple inches and then to your gripper strips.  Voila :)  You would not believe how taut it will hold your backing fabric.  Thanks, Connie Bradley ~ Wool Yankers ~ for this tip.  And the best part, just remove them from the linen to use again and again.
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Wednesday, September 13, 2017

Rug Show and a Correction ~

First of all if you were one of the first to read my last post, I need to correct who hooked this rug.  It was not Elinor, but Nola Heidbreder.
There was a small rug show at the Woolkeepers hook in, and some of the pictures I took did not come out.  Please enjoy those that came out ok :)

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Monday, September 11, 2017



 ~ God Bless America ~

Sunday, September 10, 2017

Woolkeeper's Hook In ~

Two friends and I drove to Danville, IN, for the Woolkeeper's Hook In, a first for us.  685 miles in two days but so worth it.  It's amazing to go almost 350 miles from home and know so many people :)  Excellent vendors.  Wool heaven.  Here are a few of the vendor booths.
Red Barn Rugs
Pure and Simple Woolens
gorgeous overdyed wools
Black Sheep Wool Designs
I love the name of this rug ~ El Stinko.  There was even a poem to go with it :)
Folk for All Seasons

The Old Tattered Flag
Heavens to Betsy

Whispering Pines Designs
I took a fun class with Elinor Barrett of Black Sheep Wool Designs, called "start with a heart".  There were many choices of hearts and templates to work with and from there we designed a "Magdalena style" rug.  Here is what I came up with.  I think it has the Ernestine seal of approval.
A heart hooked by Elinor.  I just love this!  Elinor let me know this was hooked by Nola Heidbreder.  Sorry, Nola.
I really was pretty good.  I bought some wool (how could I not?) and a couple patterns.  I will add them to my ever growing pattern stash.
A picture of Ernestine today ~ just because she is so darn cute.
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Wednesday, September 6, 2017

One Year Ago ~

Time is flying by.  I can't believe I retired a year ago today.  Where has the time gone?  I don't understand people saying they are bored.  They need to get a hobby.  Volunteer.  Anything.  I haven't been bored a day and wish there were more hours in the day or less hours spent sleeping.
I have kept busy.  (Most days, too busy.)  Two trips to California ~ one a three and a half week road trip west and the other by jet.  A few days in Chicago.  Several quick trips to Michigan.  Five days of hooking heaven in West Virginia.  A couple other hooking classes.  LOTS more hooking time with friends.  Guild meetings.  Hook ins.  This Friday and Saturday I will be attending the Woolkeeper's Hook In in Danville, Indiana.  There are several places where I will be vending in the next two months, so busy getting ready for those shows.  Never a dull moment.
Retirement may not be right for everyone, but it sure was right for me :)

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