Sunday, April 19, 2015

Maggie Class ~

I am so happy I took Maggie Bonanomi's wool applique workshop.  Each participant was working on the same pocket, but each one ended up being a little different.
Here is Maggie with my partner in crime Melissa hard at work. 

A close up of her work in progress.
Rita got most of hers done in class.

Another work in progress.

Maggie shared many tips and tricks with us.  This information can be found in her books, but if you are like me, you don't read too much but just look at the pictures :)  The best tips are that she does not use the blanket stitch but just whip stitches the pieces on.  This is much faster than the blanket stitch and in my opinion, gives the piece a much more primitive feel.  The other tip is to use Coats & Clark sewing thread, single strand in color #8360, summer brown.  I am amazed that this brown thread ends up being so neutral and works with all colors of wool.
I've finished my pocket.  I had never done any quilting before but quilted around the design.  If you are a quilter, please do not enlarge the picture.  You will be mortified at the job I've done . . . lol :)  I have to say I absolutely LOVE my pocket and hope to find the time to do more applique in the future.  

I restrained myself at the hook in and only bought about 1 1/4 yards of wool (though I have bought more since then . . . will I ever learn?), but did come home with some really fun items.  I guess it was the day of the velveteen.  I've never bought anything before made from that fabric, and came home with three items.  Can you believe that amazing puzzle ball was still in the flea market booth midday and it was only $20?  I can't imagine the work that went in to it.  The sweet little lamb is not showing up very well but he is made from a dirty looking velveteen.  I see I need to change my silicone bulb.  Funny, the things you don't notice until you take a picture.  

The little mohair bird on the pin cushion was made by the very talented Lanna Omlor of Humble Rugs.  It will keep the little yellow chick pincushion also made by Lanna company.  I guess I need to buy one more item from her so I will have an official collection :)

We have had some beautiful spring weather here in Ohio ~ FINALLY ~ so I've been out doing lots of yard work.  It feels good to be out playing in the dirt, but I am ready to be done with the initial clean up.
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Friday, April 17, 2015

Rug Show Partt Deux ~

More from the rug show ~

Happy POETS day to you.
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Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Hook In Rug Show - Part One ~

No words needed.  Enjoy the show :)


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Monday, April 13, 2015

Amish Country Hook-In ~

Maggie Bonanomi was the featured artist at the Amish Country hook in on Saturday.  I'm sure many of you will recognize this rug from her latest book of the same name.

Here she is in her booth with hubby.

A couple of her rugs.  

I love this one but I don't believe there is a pattern available for it. 

These pics were taken peeking over shoulders.  SO MUCH talent and so much fun to see what others are hooking.



These are Betsy's creations, as in Heavens to Betsy.

I believe this technique is her own and she calls it shagging (but pointed out in England that word has an entirely different meaning).  It really adds depth and texture to the sheep.

Don't you just love Mr. Heavens to Betsy's (aka Eric) shirt?

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