Sunday, April 15, 2018

One Hook in Down ~

The Ann Arbor hook in was wonderful as always.  I've probably attended 5-6 times with Melissa, but this was our first time vending.  It was a great day.  So many hookers.  Luscious wools.  Yummy snacks.  Good sales.  Invited back for next year ~ woo hoo.
We were given a double booth, so we had lots of room to spread out.  A few pictures of our booth.

Ann Arbor is just over two hours from my house, but the styles of hooking seemed much different to me.  Here we see many primitive rugs.  There, not so many.  No matter what the style, there was much talent displayed.  (Sorry some of the rugs are so washed out looking.)

It's fun to see the same rug hooked two ways.

I just love the stone bridge.

Thanks so much for stopping by.
Pug hugs :)


  1. Your booth looks wonderful and the rugs are gorgeous.


  2. Your offers look great. Glad you had a good show and are home safely. Heard there was nasty weather.

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  4. Wonderful booth, your items are just beautiful......beautiful display of rugs as glad you had fun and home safe.....probably needed a boat to get home.......😀


  5. I'm so glad that you had a great time with good sale and that you got invited back for next year. Thanks for the rug show. My goodness, that last rug with the stone bridge is amazing. The stones look real.
    Take care, hugs, Julia

  6. So glad it was such a good trip for you! Lots of talent for sure.

  7. Very interesting booth. Happy for you that you were invited back...wonderful! What an outstanding display of talent. It all sounds like you had fun.

  8. Enjoyed the rug show. Glad your sales were good and that you are invited back next year.

  9. many beautiful rugs in Ann Arbor - I hear it's still winter up there. I love still having 50's - it's quite rare and I'll take it! take care Mel

  10. How very interesting to see such a wonderful difference in rugs.I love that flamingo.Well I loved them all. Your booth looks so great. I hope you did really well.

  11. Your booth looks amazing. I’ll bet you had a lot of chatter about that paisley table cover !! Gorgeous.
    Thanks for the rug show.

  12. Love that last rug with the stone house and stone bridge! Too cute!


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